Related Posts For Genesis


Our genesis related posts plugin allows users who use genesis framework and child themes to display related posts with thumbnails below posts.

This is the most lightweight plugin and hence no adverse effect on the speed of your website.


  • Updated the whole customizer code.
  • Added options for removing or adding category and tags text.
  • Added option to remove date.
  • Improved the code


  • Security Update.


  • Added Customizer settings for Easy use.


  • Fixed CSS not loading


  • Initial Release.


The installation process is very simple. Follow the below given steps.
1. Upload the plugin or install it from the WordPress plugins directory.
2. Following installation, activate the plugin and you are done.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Is there a settings page on WordPress Dashboard

No, It doesn’t have. But It does have a Customizer option. Also, it will work in background.


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