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Once again I've used the reusable Text Blocks to isolate and/or reuse moderately large blocks of HTML content. I use the Classic WordPress editor, so the text blocks keep my HTML from getting too unwieldy. For example if I'm coding a two-column layout by hand, I can put the layout code in the page but put the columns content into Text Blocks. Things I create reusable Text Blocks for include PayPal buttons and a schedule that appears at two places within the website. Isolating code to Text Blocks also reduces the chance of HTML errors from ruining the entire page, especially if clients are editing the pages themselves. I like that I can use the block name within the shortcode.
This is an invaluable plugin and Hal deserves accolades for building it. It appears to work fine despite its lack of recent maintenance and lack of approval for use with recent versions of WordPress. The lack of attention by the plugin author for such a long period of time makes me quite nervous about depending on this one-of-a-kind plugin. This may not be a problem, but still...
I like the fact that I can import/export them on the fly just like any post type.
This is one of those plugins that is absolutely essential to Wordpress. Other CMS systems have this functionality by default, however wordpress is sadly missing it from the core. THANK YOU Hal Gatewood for providing this much needed plugin.
This is exactly what I need. No div or span classes added. Awesome! Thank you.
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