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Февраль 7, 2019
I will give without no doubt 5* if a shortecode for pagination will be included. In my opinion doesn't look good at all to see on one page more than 15-20 reviews. I think a shortcode option for pagination where are more than 20 reviews received is a MUST. 3* only for this reason. NOTE: I am very curios to see how much importance is given by the author to this kind of feedback and requirement and I'm curios to see if a pagination shortcode will be included and when(?)...
Январь 1, 2019
Works but is a half solution. Yes, it provides the opportunity to get reviews from clients BUT..... where is the support on Rich Snippets?? How do you get reviews aggregated onto Google??? When you ask this question in the forums, it goes unaddressed. Great concept, good plugin BUT - - there is ZERO support as the developers "have left the building" almost a year ago.... Sad WP continues to promote abandoned plugins....
Ноябрь 7, 2018
I like it 99%. On thing it really needs is in your widget that shows the reviews it needs to have a link to the page the review is on. When someone sees the sidebar review it don't help much because they should have a link to the page the review is on. Other than that I love it.
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