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Stay away. I had two problems with Rise Blocks Pro in the first moments after download. 1) the license key was wrong, had to send an email for a new one. 2) after install, the plug-in took down my site and my domain host had to disable from the back end. Bhuwan Rokaha sent a new file for me to install but it's not my job to help them debug their product. I asked for a refund, he refused. I asked PayPal for a refund (sent them the full chat transcript screenshot with my domain host), they refused saying the service was delivered (code that crashes your site is not service delivery). Unethical folks here.
21.06.2020 1 ответ
Very responsive and great customer service. Their team's support was beyond my expectation. They never said no to any of my requests. I had a lot of questions about Wordpress. Not only they helped me set up the website but also helped through designing and customizing the layout of the website. They went the extra mile for me, were responsive and available to answer questions, and helped me learn and design the website the way I wanted.
I am relatively new to web design and ran into issues (on my end) and I reached out to customer service and WOW, I couldn't believe how quick of a response I received and how fast my issue was resolved! I can't say enough about the EXCEPTIONAL customer service that I continue to receive!! Life savers!
13.05.2020 1 ответ
I was stuck using one of the block to customize page on WordPress site so I dropped a message via the chatbot on rise block and I got a reply in less than 2mins. Not only did I get a speedy reply, the support staff went the extra mile to fix a demo content for my site within minutes. Quickest support I've ever received. Thank you!
12.05.2020 1 ответ
We're trying out the Bizlight template and so far it's going ok. There appear to be a few glitches, for example the controls on the slider, they don't appear to work. However, you can select no controls and it seems to work fine. We used the live chat support and they were quick and sorted a few problems out and gave us a few tips on customisation when we gave them access to the site. Overall pleasing and worth a try to see if it performs and perhaps then go pro.
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