Rocksite Kit — Kadence Blocks Patterns with Figma UI Kit


A design library that streamlines the process of designing and implementing your website.

  • With a ready-made library of predefined Gutenberg responsive sections, you can easily implement your project in WordPress.
  • With Figma UI Kit, you can easily design a page layout with Gutenberg Kadence Blocks specificity without worrying about future implementation

Sections designed in Figma and available in the Design Library in the WordPress editor have exactly the same names, and have been grouped into several categories, such as: Hero Sections, Features, Call to Action, Portfolio, Content, Metrics, Contact, etc.

In WordPress Editor You can choose a premade section and add it on your site in just one click. After that you can customize a section for your needs by using options of the selected block.



The designs will adapt to the styles of the theme you are currently using, but you will get the best results by using the free:


Rocksite Kit adds automatic connection to a collection of sections from external url in domain. This functionality is based on Kadence Cloud.


Rocksite Sections plugin uses a custom API to fetch blocks patterns libraries from when you clicks on the “Design library” button above the editor. I collect data and information as indicated in my Privacy Policy:


Rocksite Sections plugin uses a custom API to fetch blocks patterns libraries from when you clicks on the «Design library» button above the editor. I collect data and information as indicated in my Privacy Policy:

Free and Premium Version

Free sections based on Gutenberg blocks from Kadence Blocks plugin (fee) will continue to work even if Rocksite Section is uninstalled. The paid sections are tagged with a ‘Pro’ tag and only work with the paid theme — Blockfold. Users can optionally purchase Blockfold on Creative Market.

Rocksite Sections includes links to buy Blockfold on Creative Market. The purchasing process takes place on Creative Market. You can find their privacy policy here: and Terms of Use here:

The current list of free and premium sections also short documentation you can find here:


  • How to use Rocksite Sections

  • Insert section in one click


  • Download the plugin from this page
  • Navigate to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin page in admin panel of your website
  • Click Upload, click Choose file, upload the plugin zip and click Install Now button
  • Activate the plugin when installation is complete
  • Installation of Kadence Blocks (free plugin) is required for full functionality of Rocksite Sections.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

How do I use this plugin?

Click on Design Library button above The editor and select a section

How to uninstall the plugin?

Simply deactivate and delete the plugin.


Thanks for free but you wont sell premium options if your free options dont even look good. They dont scale well, many just get cut off and dont look right even in descktop, Im mobile they get worse. Probably time to update the styles a bit. Ill update my review if it gets better.
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  • Changing description


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  • Fix error «cant redeclare function» — wrong function name


  • updating section templates
  • changing the installation method of the required plugin
  • adding settings responsible for CSS


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  • Advanced One Click Demo Import Integration


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  • readme.txt modification — link to privacy policy.


  • Plugin improvements after review.


  • Plugin improvements after review.


  • Plugin released.