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Instant Estimate Calculator


RoughEst Instant Estimate Calculator allows website visitors to easily and instantly calculate a rough price range estimate for your services.

See the official documentation and demo on InlandApp.com

This plugin adds two instant calculators to your widgets panel:

1. Cost Per Square Foot Calculator

  • Customer enters two values
  • Calculator multiplies them to get the sqft
  • Multiplies that number by your cost-per-sqft
  • Generates total and displays a price range
  • Range is based on -/+ % of the total (ie. 60%-120%)

Example (Cost Per Square Foot):

  • Customer types in ’10’ for both values
  • Sqft calculator multiplies 10×10, produces 100
  • Your cost-per-sqft is 100, 100 x 100 = 10,000
  • 10,000 is the base number used to find the range
  • Low range set to 60%, 60% of 10,000 = 6,000
  • High range set to 120%, 120% of 10,000 = 12,000
  • Price range displayed: $6,000 — $12,000

2. Cost Per Run (Single Value) Calculator

  • Customer enters one value
  • Multiplies that number by your cost
  • Generates total and displays a price range
  • Range is based on -/+ % of the total (ie. 60%-120%)

Example (Cost Per Run):

  • Customer types in ’10’ for the single value
  • Your cost-per is 100, 10 x 100 = 1000
  • 1,000 is the base number used to find the range
  • Low range set to 60%, 60% of 1000 = 600
  • High range set to 120%, 120% of 1000 = 1200
  • Price range displayed: $600 — $1200

RoughEst Instant Estimate Calculator supports concurrent instances

You can drag and drop these widgets into your site as many times as you’d like, with different values and labeling for each one.

What can you customize for each instance?

  1. Main Title (above each instance)
  2. Description (right below title)
  3. Value Labels (default: length/ width)
  4. Output Label (label next the result)
  5. Cost-per Multiplier (number, default: 70)
  6. Low Range Variance (percentage, default: 60%)
  7. High Range Variance (percentage, default: 120%)
  8. Disclaimer (appears after calculation)
  9. Error Message (appears if no values are selected)


  • Example: Completed Cost Per Square Foot Calculator. This example is customized for the decking industry.
  • Example: Two customized RoughEst calculators in the sidebar of a post, RoughEst SQFT and RoughEst Run.
  • Widgets drag and drop panel. Here you can install one or many calculators and customize them all individually for each product or service.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

How can I use RoughEst on pages on posts?

Widgets by default are only accessible on Sidebars and Footer Areas. However, anmari has created a very useful plugin to place widgets anywhere on your site, just follow this tutorial: amr shortcode any widget

Can you widen or narrow the price range?

Yes. You can choose how low the low value is, and how high the high value is.

Can you the calculators multiple times on your website?

Yes, this widget supports concurrent instances.

Can you change the currency symbol on the calculator?

The customization panel does not support multiple currencies at this time, currency has to be hard-coded. We’re available to help at InlandApp.com.

How can I style the input characters to support my theme

Target the class .roughest-inputs

.roughest-inputs {
color: #fff !important

Where can I find technical support?

Email contact@inlandapp.com

Can you build custom features for our company?

Yes, we’re available for web development contracting. Visit InlandApp.com or email contact@inlandapp.com and let us know what you’d like to have built.


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