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Location based salah time and jamat time calendar for mosque or Islamic center website. There is also a Fasting Time (Ramadan) calendar in Pro version. As we know Jamat time can very from Mosque to Mosque. As a result location based jamat time may not work for all. So we have a backend jamat time editor. Admin need to update jamat time only once in a lifetime. This will auto populate for coming year forever.

Compatible with any wordpress theme:

Check the demo: Salah Time Calendar — Jamat time
Check the demo: Salah Time Calendar — Full

Download Pro Version at only $29:

  • Unlimited website usage
  • Unlimited theme color option
  • Fasting time calendar — View Demo
  • Next Salah time widget
  • Salah Time table widget — View Demo
  • 5 wakt salah time
  • 3 salah time layout — View Demo
  • Backend editor for both salah time and Fasting time
  • Hijri date time shortcode

Download Pro Version from Here:

How to Video (Free):

Pro Version Features::



  • Edit salah time
  • Salah Time Calendar - Jamat time
  • Salah Time Calendar - Full

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Can I edit salah time according to mosque?

Yes. You can edit jamat time as per your mosque schedule from admin panel.

Can I edit fasting time according to mosque?

Yes. You can edit fasting time as per your mosque location from admin panel.

How can I get my mosque location co-ordinate?

Check out the feature video above.

How many websites can I use it?

You can use it in unlimited website.


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