Sales Tax Reports For WooCommerce


You can view sales by state and refine searches by date.


WordPress installation and WooCommerce Plugin


  • Awesome User Experience
  • Experienced San Diego based development team for support or custom feature development
  • 100% American Made in the USA! No outsourcing!
  • Get the numbers you need to do your quarterly or annual sale tax reporting

Plugin Features

  • Users can get reports for sales in a given state for any date range and the sales tax that was charged.
  • These numbers can be used to report your sales and sales tax for any given state for any given date.



The Sales Tax Reports For WooCommerce plugin requires that you have WordPress with the WooCommerce plugin activated. The plugin is very easy to install and can be set up in just a few minutes.

  1. Install the Plugin: Upload the wc_state_tax_report folder to your website’s /wp-content/plugins/ directory

  2. Activate the plugin: Find Sales Tax Reports For WooCommerce in your ‘Plugins’ menu in the WordPress admin and press ‘Activate’. This will enable the plugin.

  3. Follow the links in the WooCommerce > Reports > Sales by State


We made this plugin because we needed it, and we use it regularly for many sites. No frills, just the sales tax numbers you (and we all) need.
This is a simple plugin that does what it says and is free with no frills. I used it to do my sales tax reporting.
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