WP-BlackCheck is an Anti-Spam Solution for WordPress blocking spam using local detection and a centralized Blacklist Service.

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Certly Guard

Certly Guard automatically removes comments that contain malicious links.

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Kills spam-bots, leaves humans standing. No CAPTCHAS, no math questions, no passwords, just spam blocking that stops spam-bots dead in their tracks.

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WP Simple SpamCheck

This plugin allows WordPress to block over 95% of spam comments using a time-based hash.

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Comment E-Mail Verification

If a comment is held for moderation an email message is sent to the comment author with a link to verify the comment author's email address.

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SiteBrains Interactive Spam Blocker

SiteBrains blocks spam posts using a completely configurable set of rules.
Both interactively as the user types and on our servers upon submission.

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Nonce, Please!

"Nonce, Please!" is a simple plugin that prevents brute-force comments and trackbacks from spammer. This is NOT an alternatives to Akismet.

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Гостевая книга Gwolle

Гостевая книга Gwolle – именно та гостевая книга, которую Вы искали. Красивая и простая.

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Disable Trackbacks

Globally disables trackbacks to cut down on spam. Very, very few people legitimately use trackbacks and spammers love them, so it's worthy tradeo …

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Visual Form Builder

Build beautiful, fully functional contact forms in only a few minutes without writing PHP, CSS, or HTML.

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Tags: blog, wordpress, security, plugin, comment, comments, anti-spam, antispam, spam, spambot, spambots, protection, user, users, template, secure, h …

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Testimonials Widget

WordPress' most easy fully featured testimonials widget plugin demonstrates social proof via forms, lists, ratings, shortcodes, sliders, widgets, …

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