Woocommerce Pay with Paytm Plugin

Pay with Paytm is the simplest of the available ways to do payment integration to your website.

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FortuneKookie Widget

This WordPress plugin adds a sidebar widget to display a random fortune cookie fortune.

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WooCommerce BGN

Adds the bulgarian lev (BGN) currency support to WooCommerce.

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Shopp SEO Glue

Allows the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast and the Shopp e-commerce plugin by Ingenesis to work in something approaching
sweet harmony.

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WooProduct Shortcode

Add WooCommerce products into posts and pages using a shortcode, along with formatting options.

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Good Old Gallery

Good Old Gallery helps you use galleries on multiple pages and posts, it also uses jQuery plugins for sliding and fading transitions.

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EchoCurrent Affiliate Product Optimizer

The Affiliate Product Optimizer automatically displays targeted product offers pulled from the Commission Junction affiliate product catalog.

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WP Notices

Display notice messages to visitors, admin users, editors, contributors or anonymous readers. Notices can last forever, display between specific dates …

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With Amazonify you can:

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Whos Amung Stats

Monitor your site with the live Whos Amung Stats plugin for WordPress. You have control all the time with the counter on the admin bar.

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Jet Event System for BuddyPress

The modern System of events for your social network. Ability to attract members of the network to the ongoing activities, etc.

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jQuery Tinytips

Adds tinytips tooltips to links on your site. Comes with different themes.

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Amazon Showcase WordPress Plugin

A plugin for showcasing items from Amazon. Simply enter the ASIN/ISBN number of any product and optionally enter an Associate ID.

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