SendCloud | Europe's #1 Shipping Tool


SendCloud | Europe’s #1 Shipping Tool

SendCloud enables more than 15,000 e-commerce businesses to save time, effort and money to their most crucial process: shipping.

Connect to your favourite carriers and efficiently ship worldwide. Exceed customer expectations with branded tracking mails, tracking pages, and a fully self-service return portal.

Get your store ready for international growth with the scalable SendCloud shipping platform.

Combine carriers and shipping methods

Why rely on one carrier when you have different shipping needs? Activate up to +25 international carriers and switch with one click between them. Choose to upload your own carrier contract or ship directly with any carrier using our pre-negotiated shipping rates.

Supported carriers:
* DHL Express
* PostNL
* bpost
* Correos
* Correos Express
* Colissimo
* Colis Privé
* Lettre Suivie
* Deutsche Post
* Chronopost
* Austrian Post
* Red Je Pakketje
* Sandd

Benefit 1: Increase conversion with an optimised checkout

Offer customers the best carrier- and delivery options at checkout. Easily integrate all carrier service point pickers, offer home delivery, same day delivery, evening delivery, and any other delivery method you can think of.

Benefit 2: Automate and ship your packages in minutes

Automate and streamline your shipping process and customise your workflow to save time and money.
* Print shipping labels in bulk from your order overview.
* Create your own custom automation rules to ship error free.
* Use our picking solution to manage order processing, picking and packing effortlessly.
* Go Global. Automatically generate (paperless) customs documents.
* Schedule pickups or drop off your packages.

Benefit 3: Exceed customer expectations with branded tracking mails and tracking pages

Superb customer experiences drive brand loyalty and consumer trust, perhaps non more than the delivery experience.
* Customise tracking with your logo, text and brand colours.
* Add a promotional banner and your Instagram feed to your tracking page.
* Send the right message at the right time.
* Go global with automated multi-language tracking mails and pages.

Benefit 4: Return portal that drives customer loyalty and growth

Returns are inevitable and can be a bottleneck for retention and growth. 95% of customers that have a good returns experience report they would buy again, make sure you nail it.
* Self-service branded return portal
* Offer multiple refund methods.
* Get a full overview of return shipments.
* Get insights in the return reasons.
* Designed to help you scale globally.

At the moment SendCloud is available in:

The Netherlands
+31 (0)40 304 13 16

+32 3 808 50 75

+49 (0)89 244 14 61 70

+33 (0)1 84 88 93 95

+43 (0)720 88 41 10


  • Offer all shipping methods
  • Print shipping labels in one click
  • Automatically send tracking notifications
  • Automate your returns process
  • See shipment statuses in one overview
  • Process orders faster with on-screen packing slips
  • Automatically select the right shipping method


General instructions

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/sendcloud directory,
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
    or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly (recommended).
  3. Activate your WooCommerce integration with service point support in the
    SendCloud Panel. Please, refer to Integrations section in the
    support page for more information about this.

WooCommerce 2.5.x

  1. Go to WooCommerce->Settings->Shipping->Service Point Delivery
  2. Check the Enable this shipping method
  3. You may change your shipping costs by setting a new value for the Cost field.
  4. Click Save changes

WooCommerce 2.6.x, 3.x.x

  1. Go to WooCommerce->Settings->Shipping
  2. Use the Add shipping method button in the Shipping Zones listing and
    select Service Point Delivery from the drop down menu.
  3. You should see Service Point Delivery in the Shipping Method(s) column of the
    Shipping Zones list.
  4. You may change your shipping costs by clicking in the Service Point Delivery
    and setting a new value for the Cost field.
  5. Click Save changes

Checking the installation

Your customers should be able to select Service Point Delivery in the checkout
page, alongside with a button labeled Select Service Point.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Do I need a SendCloud account to use this plugin?

Yes. In order to connect, you must register for an account and then, follow the installation

What is a service point?

Service Points are places that accept packages to be retrieved later by the customer.
e.g. A grocery store near your house or work may accept those packages.


Funktioniert Super. Der Support steht immer Hilfsbereit zur Seite.
Before installing this plugin I was connected to SendCloud using the API. Worked just fine. But because I wanted the service points integration it was required to install this plugin. I don't give 5 stars (yet) because: - Untill this version (1.0.16) it's not fully clear to me what this plugin does. Most of the info on plugin page is advertisement for SendCloud, not for the plugin itself. I do know it creates the SendCloud API and it's required for the service points integration.. but does this plugin have more functionality? Please update your readme file. - Minimal support on wp dot org forum the last couple of months. If you don't give support here, please let customers know to contact you directly. Guido
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Журнал изменений


  • Added support for WordPress 5.2.3


  • Rebranding


  • Add support to WooCommerce 3.5.5


  • Fix translations


  • Add carrier selection for service point shipping method
  • Fix translations


  • Improve WooCommerce 3.x.x compatibility


  • Made permalink checks less strict


  • Add support for custom site url’s


  • Made this plugin compatible with CloudFlare Rocket


  • This plugin is now compatible with WooCommerce 3.0.x


  • Added support for preventing the customer to ship to a service point when one of the items is too big.


  • Service Point Shipping method can be set as free after certain amount of the order
  • Add translation to select service point button


  • Compatible with PHP 5.3
  • Connect with SendCloud on new tab


  • Added mo translation files


  • Fix redirection to SendCloud Panel


  • Fix headers on autoconnect


  • Improved readme, documentation and screenshots


  • Add auto connect button


  • Add service point address on email


  • Integrate WooCommerce with an existing SendCloud account enabling service point delivery
    locations to be selected at the checkout.