Image Optimization For SEO


Image Optimization For Seo is the wordPress plugin. This plugin Resize and Compress the images to boost your site speed. It’s also replaces the title and alt tag of images. All changes will be done without any effecting the codes and database.

Особенности плагина

  • Дружелюбная оптимизация изображений
  • Вставка динамических title и alt тегов для оптимизации изображений
  • Уменьшите размер изображения, чтобы увеличить скорость загрузки сайта
  • Добавлена возможность уменьшения изображения для поста
  • Легкий и удобный в использовании интерфейс
  • Удобный дизайн раздела с подсказками
  • Отзывчивый дизайн палели
  • Поддержка нескольких сайтов
  • Быстрый старт на основе отзывчивой панели настроек плагина
  • Совместимость с большинством WordPress темами
  • Многоязычный & Готовый перевод
  • Совместим со всеми основными браузерами
  • Полная документация к плагину
  • Дружелюбная и профессиональная команда поддержки
  • Приоритетная поддержка платным клиентам

Image Optimization For Seo Pro Features

  • Woo-commerce Support — Perfectly optimization work with Woo-commerce product images.
  • Image Resize and Compress — Resized and compressed the images to boost your site speed.
  • Image Optimization — Dynamically replaces title and alt tag of images. All changes will done without effecting the database.
  • Delimiter characters — Remove delimiter characters (like dot dash etc) from the title and Alt tag.
  • SEO Friendly — Plugin makes all image seo friendly.
  • Custom Image Text — Insert Custom title, description and caption in each single Image.
  • Image Library — Image library with Easy user friendly interface.

Live Image Optimization For Seo Pro Demos

Наша команда тестировала плагин много раз, каждую настройку на разных серверах. Окончательное тестирование остается за вами как ценным пользователем плагина.

Таким образом, ваши отзывы также приветствуются. Вы можете задать вопрос на форуме поддержки WordPress этого плагина. Мы прилагаем все усилия, чтобы разрешить каждую Вашу проблему через нашу службу поддержки.


Пожалуйста, внесите свой вклад, переведя наш плагин. Свяжитесь с нами Lizarweb (at) Gmail (dot) Com.


  • Image Optimization For Seo Dashboard Settings
  • SEO настройка Title изображения.
  • SEO настройки изображения ALT
  • SEO настройка изменения размера изображения
  • SEO настройка сжатия изображения


Есть 3 способа установки этого плагина:

  1. Installation From Plugin Dashboard In your Admin, go to menu Plugins > Add Search for Image Optimization For Seo Click to install Activate the Image Optimization For Seo A new menu Image Optimization For Seo will appear in your Admin

  2. Загрузить плагин
    Загрузить плагин (файл .zip) в правой колонке этой страницы
    В вашем панели администратора, перейдите в меню «Плагины» и нажмите добавить «Добавить»
    Выберите вкладку «Загрузить»
    Выберите файл .zip который вы только что загрузили
    Активируйте плагин
    Новый пункт меню «SEO Image Optimizer» будет отображаться в панели администратора

  3. Старый и надежный способ (FTP)
    Загрузить seo-image-optimizer папку в /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    Активировать плагин через меню «Плагины» в WordPress
    Новый пункт меню «SEO Image Optimizer» будет отображаться в панели администратора

. С его помощью & Наслаждайтесь.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

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This is without a doubt, the most effective SEO Image Optimizer available in the world, trust me I looked everywhere. I was so happy with this plugin that I purchased the Pro version and my Organic Search traffic exploded. Its been growing daily ever since I started using this plugin, organic search has actually become my #1 source of traffic, and I would be foolish if I didn't equate that to the use of this plugin. These guys are second only to maybe Siteground in regard to their support rendered. I was dealing with a lingering conflict with another plugin that I just couldn't, for whatever reason, fix on my own. They respond crazy fast, almost to fast. And they respond fast with valuable information as well, such as, "don't worry, we have fixed the issue." type of valuable information. If you're on the fence with this plugin, go get yourself the Pro version. You'll be happy you did and its priced so ridiculously well, there's no risk. To put it in perspective, I have never written a review before, so although I rely on reviews for every plugin decision I have ever made, this is my first contribution. I was so thrilled with my most recent experience with their support, that I made it a point to figure this out and write them a grossly positive review at 3:20 am because they deserve it. **** I have updated my review to reflect the now offensively terrible customer support this company has. The first issue I had they worked tirelessly to fix, however now I can't even get a reply from these people. I have contacted them over 8 times, they replied once and I think when they realized they didn't have the skills to fix the issue I was having with a conflict between this plugin and my theme (Divi which is the most popular theme on WordPress you'd think they would have their plugin be compatible) When this plugins support can't fix something they will simply stop replying. At least offer some sort of solution for your paying customers, or even a simple warning stating your plugin doesn't work with Divi. $11 isn't much for a pro version plugin, but I still wouldn't waste your time if you're considering purchasing it. There are better plugins, yes they are more expensive but apparently, you get what you pay for.
22.09.2018 1 ответ
I use it with a FREE mood and feel this is a good solution, very good and easy to use, it does not show up on the back-end, but with featured images - and thumbnail images at the font-end are great. I have not tried Woocommerce yet but hopefully it will integrate. Thanks for shared it FREE !
23.08.2018 2 ответа
Plugin is not working. I will change review voting after receiving eventual feedback from wp makers.
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Участники и разработчики

«Image Optimization For SEO» — проект с открытым исходным кодом. В развитие плагина внесли свой вклад следующие участники:


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Журнал изменений


* Tested upto wordpress 6.4
* Tested upto 8.2.9


* Tested upto wordpress 6.3.1
* Minor bug fixes.


* Tested upto wordpress 6.2


* Tested upto wordpress 6.1.1
* Minor bug fixes.


* Tested upto wordpress 6.1
* bootstrap library updated


* bootstrap library updated


* Tested upto wordpress 6.0
* Tested with php 8.0.19
* Fixed: Title tag and alt tag custom values not coming has been fixed


* Banner image removed.
* Minor bug fixes.


* Responsive Issues fixed.
* tested up to 5.8.2


* Update Bootstrap library
* Update tags
* Update Support Forum Link in General Setting
* Fixed : Remove unwanted space from alt and title attribute
* Tested with PHP 8.0.9


* Tested With wordpress 5.8


* Code Optimized
* Tested With wordpress 5.7


* Unnecessary Libraries removed.


* Tested With wordpress 5.6
* Code Optimized


* Minor issue Fix.
* Updated : bootstrap library.


* Minor issue Fix.


* Plugin name change
* Trademark Violation issue fixed
* Minor issue fixed


* Change: name and images.
* Change: minor fix.


* Testing with wp5.4.2
* Minor changes


* Minor layout change.


* Minor bug fixes.
* Library Updated.


* small change in dashboard layout.
* Offers page update and wordpress 5.3 compatible.


* version update & tested with WordPress 5.2.3
* Updated : bootstrap library.
* Updated : font awesome library.


— version update compatible with wordpress 5.2.2
— fixed : Resize image issue with on/off setting
— fixed : undefined index error notice fixed.
— fixed : undefined variable and invalid argument error fixed.

= 1.1.3
— version update compatible with wordpress 5.2
— Offers added
— Bugs fixed
— readme file updated.

= 1.1.2
— version update compatible with wordpress 5.1
— Minor Issues fixed

= 1.1.1
— version update compatible with wordpress 5.0.3
— minor layout change

= 1.1.0
— Add Upgrade to Pro Banner at plugin setting page

1.0.17 — version update + compatible upto 4.9.8

1.0.16 — version update + compatible upto 4.9.5

1.0.15 — version update + compatible upto 4.9.1

1.0.13 — version update + compatible upto 4.8.2

1.0.12 — version update + plugin link setting added into plugins activation page

1.0.11 — version update + compatible upto 4.8.1 + loop bug in alt and title tag’s value fixed

1.0.10 — version update + compatible upto 4.8

1.0.9 — version update + compatible upto 4.7.5

1.0.8 — version update

1.0.6 — обновленная версия

1.0.6 — version update

1.0.5 — compatible upto 4.7

1.0.4 — update

1.0.4 — обновление


  • Plugin Version Update


  • совместимо с последней версией WP


  • начальная версия.