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Плагин SEO Optimized Images позволяет вам динамически выставлять дружественные SEO атрибуты alt и title для ваших изображений. Просто активируйте плагин, укажите шаблон и готово.

The plugin dynamically replaces the «alt» and «title» tags. It does not make any changes to the database. This means that if you deactivate the plugin, everything will return to the original settings.
With the plugin, you can insert an image name, a post title and a post category in the «title» and «alt» attributes of the image.
Give SEO Optimized Images a try: we are sure you will like it!

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The plugin does not collect, store and share any user data, and is therefore GDPR-compliant.

Premium Version Features

★ Support for Featured Images
★ Support for Woocommerce Product Images
★ Support for Custom Post Type Images
Custom Rules selectively add alt and title tags to images based on custom rules.
★ 1 Year Support and Updates
★ Support for popular page builders like Elementor, Site Origin etc

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  1. Загрузить плагин Seo Optimized Images.
  2. Загрузить папку seo-optimized-images в папку /wp-content/plugins/.
  3. Активируйте плагин используя меню Плагины в WordPress и получайте удовольствие.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

  1. Происходит ли замена в базе данных у всех картинок атрибутов ALT и TITLE?

    Ответ: НЕТ. В этом и заключается одно из преимуществ этого плагина, что атрибуты будут отображаться динамически в зависимости от ваших настроек. Если вы хотите вернуть все как было, вам понадобиться всего лишь деактивировать этот плагин.


Honestly this plugin is the best of the category! I made a point of coming here to be able to give 5 star to this plugin. It works like a charm, a magic! I installed it, then went to the permalink saved and then emptied the cache. I went to the site and I went to check the element in my page and READY! HE WAS FUNCTIONING LIKE A MAGIC !!! FROM FAR IT IS THE BEST! simple, lightweight, without many options to score, no headaches! FANTASTIC!
I used the free version, and then paid for the Pro version to support WooCommerce. Works on anything coming through from the database (obviously does not work for images hard-coded in theme/templates). Took 2 sites from 100+ images missing alt tags to 0 in 5 minutes each. Worth the money.
This plugin is simple to use & have many great options in business plan. Support from this plugin author is very fast & he helped me to customise the options what i want. This plugin helped me a lot to manage seo part of my website automatically.
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