Seraphinite Bulk Discounts for WooCommerce


Increase your sales and revenue by providing products bulk discounts for each one. Just set a range of flexible product discounts to motivate users get more items. See more how to use it.


  • Bulk discount
    Discount ranges can be configured as in products individually as by common profiles as well.
  • Product’s main sales compatibility
    If the product already has a sale price the discount will be applied independently.
  • Cart and checkout adjustment
    Users can always see a discount to be more motivated.
  • Percentage discount
    Set a needed percent to shift the price off.
  • Profile categories, tags, and products filter
    Limit applying discounts by setting such filters.
  • Periodical prices normalization
    Normalize different periods’ prices to the chosen period.
  • Total price preview
    Preview the total price according to the quantity before adding it to the cart.
  • Show original sale price separately
    Splitting sale flash label to original sale flash and additional discount.
  • Subscription compatibility
    Compatible with WooCommerce subscription.
  • Currency switchers compatibility
    Works with the most popular currency switchers.
  • API to customize your theme
    It can be used to create your own discount displays.

Premium features

  • Total price condition
    Set a total price range to apply the discount.
  • Different discount algorithms
    Customize discount options by using them in a particular order or use the best discount algorithm.
  • Currency discount
    Set a currency value to be subtracted from the total sum.
  • Profile products’ attributes filter
    Limit applying discounts by setting different attributes such as SKU, weight, length, width, height, global attributes, per product attributes, on-sale, and custom fields.
  • Taking discount value from attributes
    Particular discount values can be got from different sources like custom fields or product attributes.
  • Available discounts table
    Showing available discounts table in products.
  • Displaying the nearest discount
    Showing the nearest discount information depends on the current quantity.
  • No promotions
    No promotions of other related plugins.
  • Support
    Personal prioritized support

More details.


  • WordPress 4.5 or higher.
  • WooCommerce 3.2 or higher.
  • PHP 5.4 or higher.
  • Browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, IE).



  • Settings.
  • Filter settings.
  • Product settings.
  • Product with applied discount.
  • Products list with discount info.
  • Cart discount view.
  • Checkout discount view.


  1. Choose the plugin from the WordPress repository, or choose the plugin’s archive file in ‘Upload Plugin’ section in WordPress ‘Plugins\Add New’, or upload and extract the plugin archive to the ‘/wp-content/plugins’ directory manually.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  3. It will appear in the admin UI as shown in the screenshots.


The plugin is simple and does what is needed, the areas I had issues with, the customer service fixed it even faster than the date they gave me. It made me even go to look at their other plugins because of how awesome the service is. I hope they continue this way.
Плагин отлично работает! Гибкие возможности настройки и отличная поддержка разработчиков. Больше спасибо!
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Журнал изменений



  • Auto-renaming (while activation or upgrading from Base version) plugin’s directory to appended by ‘-ext’ to avoid external wrong overwriting by Base version.
  • Updating multiple products via batch request.



  • Updating products discounts when Ajax cart is changed.


  • Ajax cart showing undiscounted price just after adding.
  • Wrong calculation of maximum sale price in variable price range.



  • Changing text ‘Already done’ to ‘Dismiss’ in review notification.
  • Direct link to download full version in upgrade message.
  • On all notifications that requires confirming the close ‘X’ button was removed.
  • Plugin’s custom directory name support.
  • Settings restoring confirmation.
  • Showing discount in prices’ range of variable products.


  • Ajax requests could be blocked by another plugins.
  • Can’t update plugin from file if its directory is renamed.
  • Decrypting is not working after changing salts.
  • If discount is less than 2 a sale flash is not shown in variable products.
  • If minimum quantity is set 0 then after reloading it becomes 2.
  • Inline script appears as text while using with Elementor.
  • Plugin’s scripts and styles are loaded incorrectly if WP plugins directory is not under WP root directory.
  • Sometimes Ext, Full versions are updated to Base version.
  • Sometimes error appears about call to undefined function ‘get_plugins’.
  • Sometimes infinite loop in ‘_flt_woocommerce_product_get_price’ filter.



  • If EULA is not accepted then showing minimal UI.
  • The support button now opens the site page instead of the email client.


  • Items list doesn’t work on in the product settings.
  • Localization is not reloaded on ‘change_locale’ event.
  • The activation panel is not visible if the server is unavailable.



  • Import/export of settings.
  • Input-output security improvements.
  • Minimum WordPress version is 4.5.
  • Options: Multisite support.
  • Premium update.
  • Upgrading from free version to full.


  • Admin scripts.
  • Mismatched version is always shown as new.
  • Sometimes Ext, Full versions are updated to Base version.
  • Unable to upgrade Extended and Premium version.
  • Update terminates due to timeout on some hosting.
  • Updating to full version is not always working.



  • Upgrading to preview version trough downloading.



  • Russian localization correction.
  • Simplification the product icon.



  • Attribute’s values sorting.
  • Filtering profiles by products’ taxonomies.


  • Reading of custom product attributes.
  • Saved range values are not displayed in attributes.


New features:

  • Discount table: Showing per-item prices.
  • Showing multiple nearest discounts.


  • Backup previous settings structure.
  • Making backups when change .htaccess.
  • Not meeting minimum requirements notifications.
  • Reset settings.
  • Security: sanitizing input parameters.


  • ‘Key’ buttons might have background on some themes.
  • Broken layout on some themes while nearest discount is active.
  • Frontend warnings under WP_DEBUG.
  • Getting categories sometimes doesn’t work.
  • License block is invisible just after installation if remote configuration is unavailable.
  • Output on some sites might be broken.
  • PHP 8: Fatal error on plugin initialization (call_user_func).
  • PHP Compatibility Checker by WPEngine detects issues with PHP 7.3.
  • Separated additional sale flash is not displayed on variable product.


New features:

  • Available discounts table.
  • Displaying the nearest discount.
  • Polylang plugin support.
  • Preview of discounts in the product when changing the quantity.
  • Taking discount value from attributes.
  • Total price preview.


  • Adjusting ‘onsale’ label.
  • Compartability with WooCommerce Unit Of Measure.
  • Displaying discount as sale price.
  • Settings: Checking child categories together with the parent.
  • Show original sale price separately.


  • Compatibility issues with Polylang plugin.
  • Frontend plugin queries are not valid for some sites.
  • Getting categories sometimes doesn’t work.
  • It takes a very long time to get product attributes.
  • Script initializations is broken on some sites.
  • Settings: ‘Save changes’ button is always in English.
  • WooCommerce submenu item sometimes doesn’t appear.


Behavior changes:

  • Calculation mode «Best discount» now is in premium version.

New features:

  • Amount discount condition.
  • Choosing the type of discount: percentage or currency.
  • Global profiles.


  • Discount list in full width in product settings.
  • List items operations animation.
  • Storing settings in JSON format to ensure import/export of data.


  • Multiple appearing of Change Version warning.
  • Separator line is invisible under WordPress 5.2 or higher.



  • Decimal support in product count.


  • Block’s help button is shifted to right.
  • Call to undefined function: wpml_element_type_filter.


New features:

  • Normalize subscription periods prices.


  • Behavior changes notification warning.


  • Cart: Regular price in product’s subtotal doesn’t include sale discount.
  • On some systems, script loading fails, resulting in a site loading error.
  • Product variations are not adjusted.



  • Title update.
  • WooCommerce 4.0 support.



  • Checkboxes inner select links are now in Combo style.
  • Download Preview and Full bundles by current version.


  • «Key» link after «Order» button is invalid.
  • In rare cases admin UI is blocked.
  • In the admin panel, the warning ‘Undefined index’ is shown, if DEBUG mode is enabled.
  • Inline comboboxes too short in WP 5.3 or higher.
  • PHP 5.4 ’empty’ operator compatibility.
  • Settings are erased when editing not from product’s editor.
  • Settings layout is too wide on some themes.
  • Unable to upgrade Extended and Premium version.



  • Save settings result message is blocked by security plugins.



  • Freemium mode.
  • Help and documentation.
  • Improved list items editor with drag & drop support.
  • Localization — Russian.
  • Separated post box in product editor.



  • Product’s discounts list editor.
  • Two algorithms.