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Shantz WordPress QOTD


There are many quotes plugins out there. This one has been started by me (Shantanu Goel) with a view to have the best of features and options, ease of use and multiple sources to get the quotes from.
(For Complete Details, go to my tech blog)


  • Add quotes to all your posts automatically.

  • Widget support — Can also have a widget in the sidebar for quotes.

  • Customize and style your quotes with your own text and tags.

  • Multiple sources for quotes (paste in admin page, get from file implemented, fetch from web/rss soon to come)

  • Multiple patterns for quotes — Random Quote, Quote of the day (all posts display quote of the day), Quote of that day (all posts display quote for their own days)

  • Pattern for widget can be different

  • Customization for widget can be different

  • Add quotes to top or bottom of posts

  • Custom template tag to add quote anywhere you want

  • Custom quote boundary decalarator tags/Multiline quote support

  • Enable/Disable the quotes without deactivating the plugin

  • Option to exclude pages from displaying quotes

Coming Soon:

  • Fetch from web/RSS support

  • Quotes Categories

  • Pics support for quotes

  • Anything else you want

  • File selection

And more…

Arbitrary section

For more updates, go to shantz-wp-qotd home page

Version History/ChangeLog:

  • Version 1.2.2

    • Fixed a bug because of which quotes were blank some times.
  • Version 1.2.1

    • Option to exclude pages from displaying quotes is also compatible with wordpress version < 2.1
  • Version 1.2.0

    • Added option to exclude pages from displaying quotes
    • Fixed a bug that quotes source selection checkboxes always remain checked after updating settings.
    • Cosmetic: Fixed a few spelling mistakes 🙂
  • Version

    • Cosmetic: Changed readme.txt according to wp-extend standards
  • Version 1.1.0

    • Added Custom tag support for adding quotes anywhere in your posts/pages
    • Added Custom quote separator support and multi-line quotes support
  • Version 1.0.1

    • Fixed some styling related issues for text to be added before or after the quote displayed in the widget
  • Version 1.0.0

    • Initial version


  • Config Screen
  • Widget Config
  • Plugin in Action


The Shantz-WP-QOTD plugin can be installed in following easy steps:

  1. Unzip «shantz-wp-qotd» archive and put all files into your «plugins» folder (/wp-content/plugins/). It is advisable to create a sub directory into the plugins folder, like /wp-content/plugins/shantz-wp-qotd/

  2. Activate the plugin

  3. Go to Options > Shantz WP Quotes, adjust your settings and save them.

  4. For adding and configuring widget to sidebar, go to Presentation > Widgets.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

For quick updates and resolutions, go to shantz-wp-qotd home page

How to add quotes anywhere in the posts/pages?

Use the tag «<!-- shantz-wp-qotd {option} -->» anywhere in your post (without the quotes).
1. {option} (including the braces) has to be replaced by the quote pattern that you want: qotd, qottd or r. qotd is quote of the day, qottd is quote of that day and r is random.
2. The tag has to be added using the code editor and not the visual editor, otherwise it will replace the <, > with their HTML equivalents.

How to use the custom separator/multi-line quotes?

By default, if you leave the custom separator box blank, the plugin uses a newline character as the separator. However, if you have quotes that have multiple lines, you can change this to a tag of your choice, say [quote]. Now, in your quotes file (or quotes pasted in admin panel options) add this tag at the end of each quote and you are done.

What is the format for saving quotes?

In text box in admin page, as well as in the file, the quotes have to be saved as one on each line. Each quote is separate by newline.

Where is the file with quotes located

For the get from file option, a file «quotes.txt» has to be present in the same directory where shantz-wp-qotd.php is residing. A sample quotes.txt has been given with this plugin (with some quotes from southpark, simpsons, matrix and deus ex)

I checked the option «exclude pages» but my pages are still displaying quotes

Check your WordPress version. This option is effective only for Version 2.1 and above

How to upgrade to a new version

Simply overwrite the old files with the new ones.

My question isn’t listed here

Put it up at shantz-wp-qotd home page. I will answer it at the earliest


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