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Ship200 Multi-Carrier Live Shipping Rates


This Plugin requires Ship200 Premium Subscription

Ship200 Multi-Carrier UPS, USPS (Stamps, Endicia), Fedex — Live Shipping Rates Addon

The service adds Live Shipping Rates to your WooCommerce shopping cart in Estimate shipping area and to checkout process.

— Adds Live Shipping Rates to Shopping Cart Shipping Estimator
— Adds Live Rates to the native WooCommerce shipping procedure
— Shipping method will be later automatically selected when creating shipping label with Ship200 https://wordpress.org/plugins/ship200-bulk-processing/ (Bulk Processing) or https://wordpress.org/plugins/ship200-onebyone/ (OneByOne) Plugin.
— Manage and setup multiple shipping carriers from just one place

Set the shipping price that fits your business.
Customize Options for live rates:

1.Original Price: — will return exact price from the shipping carrier (ups, fedex or usps)

2.Percent: — will add/deduct selected percentage to the exact price returned by the carrier

3.Fixed Dollar: — will return this exact price, regardless of the price from the shipping carrier

4.Float Dollar Amount: — will add/deduct specified dollar amount to the exact price returned by the shipping carrier

One Click installation from WordPress admin panel!

About Ship200:
Ship200 is Free Multi Carrier (Fedex, UPS, USPS) Shipping Software which allows you to print shipping labels in bulk or individually and integrate process of creating labels directly into you WooCommerce.
This addon will integrate all shipping carriers: UPS, Fedex, USPS (Stamps.com and Endicia.com) into your backed/admin. No more trying to keep up with each integration separately.
Plus you will get best discounts on shipping postage.

Ship200 Demo:

More Our Plugins:

  • https://wordpress.org/plugins/ship200-multi-carrier-live-shipping-rates/ (Adds Live Shipping Rates to your shopping cart)

  • https://wordpress.org/plugins/ship200-onebyone/ (Create Shipping Labels from WooCommerce Admin)

  • https://wordpress.org/plugins/ship200-bulk-processing/ (Create Shipping Labels in batches for multiple orders at the same time)

For support, you can use Live Chat on our website — www.ship200.com


  • cart page
  • order review page
  • order received page
  • Ship200 banner


  1. Download the extension file — ‘woocommerce_shipping_rates_version.zip’

  2. Log in into your WordPress admin panel

  3. Go to Plugins > Add New

  4. Click Upload Plugin

  5. Click Choose File

  6. Select the extension file — ‘woocommerce_shipping_rates_version.zip’

  7. Click Install Now

  8. Enter your FTP credentials and click Proceed

  9. Plugin is installed, click Activate Plugin

  10. Now you successfully activated Ship200 Bulk plugin, Go to WooCommerce section then Shipping, click Ship200 Live Shipping Rates

  11. Enter your Ship200 secret key in the Ship200 Secret Key field from Ship200 ‘Add/Remove Store’ and click Save Changes

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Do you have an manual

We have detailed manual by next link


we are using their bulk processing plugin and this replaces our old shipping table that were using for a very long time. hope it will work stable
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