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What is Silktide?

Silktide is a SaaS platform that helps organizations understand and improve their websites.

Silktide eliminates the need for multiple quality checking tools, like free accessibility toolbars or spell checkers, and creates a better workflow and experience for web teams in large organizations.

Silktide scans your websites and alerts you to issues with web accessibility, content quality, user experience, marketing and SEO, and data privacy.

We’ll show you where the issues occur right on your page and suggest ways for you to fix them, all in one simple to use yet powerful platform.

This plugin allows Silktide customers to link their WordPress-based websites and speeds up the process of fixing issues we find.

With one click, you can get straight to the correct page in WordPress, make your fixes, and Silktide immediately rescans your website.

Our clients include web and communications teams in governments, higher education, financial institutions, healthcare, and web agencies.

More about the Silktide platform

What this plugin does

Integrate your WordPress website with Silktide:

  1. Publishing a change to your WordPress site will update Silktide within seconds
  2. Silktide users can click a button to open the WordPress editor for any given page


1) Install the plugin as normal
2) Go to the Settings -> Silktide section of your WordPress dashboard
3) Provide your Silktide API key

For more information please see the Silktide WordPress installation guide.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Is Silktide an accessibility overlay?

No. Overlays (tools that suggest you can create an accessible website in one or two lines of code) are incapable of giving you an accessible website. They leave you open to litigation and make for a much poorer experience for people with disabilities.

The only way to create an accessible website is to fix the underlying code. Silktide identifies many accessibility issues in your code, shows you where they are on each page, and explains in simple terms how to fix them.

How much does Silktide cost?

Request a demo of Silktide, and we’ll prepare a custom quote for your organization.

Do I need to install any software to use Silktide?

No. Silktide can scan all public websites without requiring you to install anything. This plugin in WordPress is separate from the Silktide engine and simply allows you to navigate from Silktide to the exact page in WordPress that requires an issue to be fixed.

Can I use this plugin without being a Silktide customer?

No, this plugin is designed specifically for Silktide customers whose websites are created in WordPress. Other integrations are available.


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Журнал изменений

1.1.0 — 21 Oct 2021

  • Add support for new-style API keys (required for Silktide v4)

1.0.9 — 19 Oct 2021

  • Fix broken SVN deployment

1.0.8 — 19 Oct 2021

  • Fix for 404 pages without $post
  • Updated documentation URL

1.0.7 — Jan 2020

  • Updated documentation and text.

1.0.6 — Feb 2019

  • Update documentation link.

1.0.5 — Jan 2019

  • Add settings link to plugins page.

1.0.4 — Jan 2019

  • Tidy up of coding standards
  • Fix for PHP 5 compatibility
  • Layout improvements

1.0.3 — Jan 2019

  • Fixed typos

1.0.2 — Dec 2018

  • First public release