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Simple Adblock Notice plugin shows a popup to whitelist your website if Adblock plus browser extension blocks your advertisements. This is not an anti adblock plugin but it just notifies your website visitors to whitelist your website from adblocker extension.

Adblock plus is a widely used browser extension which blocks advertisements which affects the blog revenue. Simple Adblock Notice plugin shows a popup message to whitelist your website if it detects Adblock plus extension in your browser.

Note: This plugin works with Google Adsense only

Google has added a built-in adblocker for Google Chrome browser, Check if your website ads are safe.. — Google Chrome’s Built-in AdBlocker is Live – Will it Block the Ads on My Website?

Upgrade to PRO version and get the following features

  • Set your own text for the adblock notice
  • Change adblock notice title
  • Disabled simple adblock notice for particular pages if you do not have the advertisement on them
  • You can show a sticky notice always on the screen to annoy the viewer and make him/her whitelist your website (non-closable popup in the corner of the page)
  • You can opt for «Strict mode» to hide your entire website until your website is whitelisted

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Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.

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Installation Instructions

Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.


Not working!

From the funcionality it would be all we need, but it doesn’t work!
In the modus «show notice» nothing at all shows up.
And with the more strict modes, even a whitelisting has no effect — the user sees the messages again and again!!
Absolute crap

Did not work. Asked for refund. Got it 3 days later.

I tried using the plugin both with and without the free version (in case the Pro version is supposed to function as a plugin extension [e.g., Social Warfare Pro]). I also tried deleting and reinstalling the plugin. Nothing fixed the plugin.

The main problem: in the plugins settings, the custom text area would not respond. So I could not enter a custom message.

I’ve asked for a refund. If I get one, I will update this review.

UPDATE: I got a refund three days later.

An excellent plugin.

Installed Pro version for 5 bucks, Great plugin, installed and everything works. If there is no advertising on the site — the plugin needs to be disabled. I have not tested it on my mobile device yet. There is not enough file .Pot, so that any user could translate using the plugin Loco Translate. Thanks)

Good, but needs work!

I tested this plugin and basically it works! Very nice implementation of the ‘Sweet Alert’ popup dialogue.

However, it is not without problems:
— Cookies are set via PHP and as such do not work with Cached pages. And let’s face it, who doesn’t use caching nowadays? Needs to be reworked. Until then controlling the interval of the notification is just non functional (as it uses cookies).
— ‘Sweet Alert’ has its positioning issues on Mobile devices where the popup will have a negative top margin which will basically move part of if off screen if you have somewhat of a lengthier message. Not really the author’s fault as ‘Sweet Alert’ is a separate project and was implemented here. Requires a manual fix to the Top Margin calculating Javascript function to prevent the popup from going off screen on mobile!

Great little plugin, does the job it’s supposed to with style! Just needs some work on the above points (mainly the cookies).

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Журнал изменений


  • Added «how to whitelist website?» tutorial
  • Removed unwanted code
  • Compatible with WordPress 4.9


  • Added «Enable/Disable» option in settings page
  • Added How to Whitelist Website Tutorial
  • Changed the notice text
  • Settings page enhancements
  • Removed unwanted commented code
  • Compatible with WordPress 4.7
  • Corrected readme change log order
  • A small bug found in version 2.3.5 is fixed in 2.3.6


  • Made changes to the notice message
  • Compatible with WordPress 4.6


  • Critical update, fixed «Plugin not working since 2.3.2 update (i.e. previous update)»


  • Stability improvements


  • Fixed an issue «Not able to click the buttons on mobile devices»


  • Fixed a bug causing error


  • Fixed a major bug which made the plugin not to work properly in some websites (fixed a java script error)


  • Fixed some minor bugs


  • Added new Adblock detection technique as the earlier method is no longer working
  • Added Strict Mode


  • Незначительные исправления ошибок


  • First official release