Simple News


A very simple news plugin that output news. (img, title, date, excerpt and link)

  • News are order by pub date.
  • A post type «NEWS» is added.
  • On the options page (WP Settings Menu -> «Simple News»): choose image size and unset the plugin CSS (if you like).
  • A widget that will show your defined number of latest news. Options to filter results by category id and post id.
  • Shortcodes examples: [news] — [news number=2] — [news order=desc] — [news number=3 order=asc] — [news cat=1] — [news cat=1,2] — [news col=3]

NEW 2.0

CSS grid => [news col=2] — [news col=3] — [news col=4] etc.
NEW plugin image size !!!


  1. Download the plugin, and unzip it.
  2. Place the News folder in your wp-content/plugins folder.
  3. Activate the plugin from the plugins tab of your WordPress admin.
  4. Save permalink structure again — because of the post type (news)

  5. Publish some news with the new post type = NEWS (Admin menu to the left)

  6. Place the News-widget where you want it to appear
  7. Use the shortcode on a published page

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Can I request a feature to be added on the plugin?

Certainly and would love to hear about it. BUT — It is meant to be a very simple clean and useful plugin.


A news section that is shown in a widget (can use also short codes to show on posts/pages). Write own news, shown the excerpt with a link to the full news. It's separated category from the blog posts, so it doesn't get mixed into newest articles. Exactly what I needed. Great support - got response within 24 hours.
Nice & clean - ready to go! All you will ever need for showing your news 🙂 Great support!
This plugin is beautifully simple and effective - the support is quick and responsive. I would definitely recommend it if you're looking to have a news feed on your website! 🙂
I had a minor formatting issue with 'Simple News' and submitted a support request. It's a free plugin so I figured I'd have to wait a while for a response. To my happy surprise the 'Simple News' author personally responded within 24 hours -- and the solution worked perfectly. Highly recommended!
Simple News was exactly what I needed. It wasn't complicated and worked without any difficulties. I needed to tweak it a little. The Plugin Developer responded quickly and helped me out with a friendly attitude and was eager to make sure I got it to work to fit my unique needs. Overall the experience was pleasant, easy, and I would highly recommend this Plugin, or anything else from this Developer, if you need one of his products.
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