Simple Widget Factory Plugin


SIMPLE WIDGET FACTORY is a plugin which is been able to create custom widget areas according to the column position value given to the input field.


i. Custom Widget Area can be created as per given input.

ii. Custom Widget Area can be created with Custom Title Name.

iii. Range Limitation has been given for selecting column from 1 to 4 as per bootstrap column settings like,(1 = 12 | 2 = 6 | 3 = 4 | 4 = 3)

iv. If nothing selected then error message will be shown as per the WordPress norms.

v. Success message also been shown on succesful creation of custom widget area.

Future Aspects

i. Option to delete custom widget area, added through this plugin.

ii. Option to update the column postion on later stage without deleting the custom widget area


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


Go to WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > click on Installed plugins > look for add new at the top most of the screen and click here > Add Plugins > upload plugin > chose file -> click here and upload Simple Widget Factory plugin.


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