Sirvoy Booking Engine


With this plugin you can easily add the Sirvoy booking engine to your WordPress website and accept commission free online bookings.
The bookings will be registered in your Sirvoy account, which you can sign up for on Sirvoy is an online booking
system for hotels, B&Bs, guest houses, inns and other accommodations. Besides allowing you to receive direct bookings and payments
through your website, Sirvoy can also help you to connect and receive bookings from channels, manage and edit your bookings,
communicate with your clients etc.

Booking engine features

  • Receive direct commission free bookings
  • Customisable design
  • Adjust rates and restrict availability
  • Available in 20 different languages
  • Receive online payments
  • Connect to leading channels


  • This is how a booking form on your homepage could look.
  • New booking page as seen for hotel staff creating bookings.
  • Rates adjustments page, adjust rates per day in calendar view.
  • Calendar view, shows occupancy for a week or a month at a time.
  • Unit view, shows activities, clean status etc.
  • Booking list view, shows current bookings, coming up bookings etc. Here it is also possible to search for bookings.


  1. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  2. Go to the Sirvoy menu in ‘Settings’ and enter the booking engine ID as seen in your Sirvoy account.
  3. Place ‘[sirvoy]’ on the page where you want to include the booking engine, or use the Sirvoy widget.

More information is available here:

Часто задаваемые вопросы

How can I manage the bookings I received through the Booking Engine?

Please register a new account at and all our features are available through the account.

Is it easy to install the Booking Engine on my website?

Yes very easy! Follow the simple instructions here:

Will I be on a contract?

No. There is no minimum payment or sign-up period. Sirvoy is a pre-pay, pay as you go service. You can cancel your account at any time, no strings attached.

Can I customise the Booking Engine?

Yes, you can customise the design to seamlessly fit into your site. More information here:

Which channels (OTA´s) do Sirvoy connect to?

Sirvoy has two-way connections with most leading channels. For a complete list of all channels please see


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