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  • Smart Logo ShowCase


Absoultely no respoinsiveness on mobile, even after chosing Grid and 2 Column on Mobile, it juts renders full size image, One column on mobile. All images in its own size... Needs to be fixed..
30.06.2020 1 ответ
I tried to get support because: - upload after 35logos (10kb each) stopped, worst: it lets you add but when you save you lose all details and changes. - Grid display settings: same thing. you save and it doesn't keep the saving. but the worst is that after 10 days I only got 2 emails: sorry we are busy, and try to change this PHP param. Done but didn't work. I paid and been left there with a broken project and a not happy client
23.06.2020 1 ответ
This plugin does what I want - showcase logos with title and hyperlink on hover - in an easy to use format. Enough features/modifications available in free version. Support is quick and helpful.
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