SMNTCS Quantity Increment Buttons for WooCommerce


Increment Quantity Buttons for WooCommerce adds two additional buttons to the quantity input field on the WooCommerce product page to easily increase and decrease the quantity via button click.

Compatible with


Since 1.13 it’s possible to flip the -/+ buttons to +/-. To do that, please add the corresponding filter to your functions.php file:

Flip quantity buttons:

add_filter( 'flip_quantity_buttons', '__return_true' );

Since 1.9 it’s possible to disable the plugin on the product page and/or the cart page. To do that, please add the corresponding filter to your functions.php file:

Disable plugin on product page:

add_filter( 'show_on_product_page', '__return_false' );

Disable plugin on cart page:

add_filter( 'show_on_cart_page', '__return_false' );

Since 2.2, it’s possible to use <button> instead of <input type="button"> for the quantity buttons. To do that, please add the corresponding filter to your functions.php file:

*** Use <button> instead of <input type="button"> ***

add_filter( 'use_html_buttons', '__return_true' );


Contributions are more than welcome. Simply head over to Github and open a pull request.


  • WooCommerce Quantity Buttons on the product page.
  • WooCommerce Quantity Buttons on the cart page.


  1. Upload smntcs-quantity-buttons-for-woocommerce to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.


Hi, Basically satisfied with the plugin as it delivered what it mentioned. Just a minor bug that in [Cart Page] Desktop version the [Plus] and [Minus] Button will be stuck together (i.e. [Plus] in the top and [Minus] at the bottom, instead of [Plus] in left of [Quantity Field] and [Minus] at the right of [Quantity Field]. I tested it in local clean environment where only wordpress 6.3.1 and woocommerce 8.0 are installed (i.e. no more any other plugin related to frontend is installed) Hope can fix the bug and appreciate your effort.
Tried 2-3 other plugins before this, all the other ones have styles that can’t be dequeued and are hard to override in my theme. This plugin just does what I need, leaves me to style it how I want which was quick and easy. Perfect, thank you!
02.04.2020 7 ответов
Hi, I really like the plugin. However I had to rollback from the last update (from 1.14 back to 1.13). On the shopping cart page suddenly the number displayed as purchased amount was 0. The total price was still correct though. Any known issues? UPDATE: no longer an issue in 1.15. super fast problem resolve by plugin maker
28.02.2020 1 ответ
Works right out of the box, thanks Niels 🙂 🇩🇰🇩🇰
13.12.2019 1 ответ
Installed the plugin. Nowhere shows the selection of the quantity of the goods
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Журнал изменений

2.5 (2023.10.01)

  • Test up to WP 6.4

2.4 (2023.05.27)

  • Add High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS) support

2.3 (2023.03.11)

  • Test up to WP 6.2

2.2 (2023.01.01)

2.1 (2022.12.03)

  • Test up to WC 7.1
  • Test up to WP 6.1

2.0 (2022.10.02)

  • Test up to WC 6.9
  • Test up to WP 6.0

1.26 (2022.01.01)

  • Test up to WP 5.8
  • Add support for Twenty Twenty theme
  • Add support for Twenty Twenty-One theme

1.25 (2020.03.28)

1.24 (2020.03.28)

1.23 (2020.02.08)

1.22 (2020.02.07)

  • Fix JS error for empty cart

1.21 (2020.02.07)

1.20 (2020.11.30)

  • Test up to WC 4.5
  • Replaced the jQuery code with Vanilla JS

1.19 (2020.09.13)

  • Updated plugin description

1.18 (2020.09.13)

  • Test up to WC 4.4
  • Test up to WP 5.5
  • Updated plugin icon

1.17 (2020.05.20)

1.16 (2020.04.04)

1.15 (2020.04.02)

1.14 (2020.03.31)

1.13 (2020.03.11)

1.12 (2019.12.06)

1.11 (2019.11.18)

  • Test up to 5.3

1.10 (2019.06.28)

1.9 (2019.06.13)

  • Add filter to disable the plugin on product and/or cart page

1.8 (2019.06.08)

  • Fix ‘maximum and minimum’ issue

1.7 (2019.05.31)

  • Check maximum and minimum when adding or removing quantity
  • Test up to 5.2

1.6 (2019.05.30)

  • Refactor based on PHPCS and WPCS

1.5 (2019.02.28)

  • Fix ‘Update cart’ issue

1.4 (2019.02.21)

  • Test up to 5.1

1.3 (2019.01.12)

  • Enable quantity buttons on cart page

1.2 (2018.11.08)

1.1 (2018.03.31)

  • Hide HTML5 input spinner

1.0 (2018.03.28)

  • Initial release