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Run Holidays Giveaways, Refer-a-Friend Campaigns, Instant Win Campaigns, Contests in minutes and Smash Your 2020 Marketing Goals

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Get Leads + Customers + Referrals. Boost Social Media presence. BUILD YOUR LISTS.


  • Run Referral, Viral Share, Giveaways, Sweepstakes & Instant Win Campaigns
  • Reward Participants for Reviews, Sharing, Quiz, Following, Watching, Referrals, and More…
  • Grow email lists, followers, referrals, viewers, sales, engagement and More!
  • Run these campaigns on your Website, Facebook Page, Blog and Mobile
  • Activate from a list of growing actions to reward participants including sharing, following, reviewing, signing up, referral, watching, answering and much more….

WordPress developers- Make sure you sign up through your affiliate account to get 20% Lifelong commissions! Don’t have an affiliate account- Create now

Social Boost is an incentivization platform that will help you grow your email lists, followers, referrals, leads, viewers, sales and engagement.

This is done is by running instant win promotions, giveaways, referral schemes, viral share and sweepstakes.

There are many entry methods to choose from including sharing, following, watching, referring, commenting, visiting, answering, commenting and reviewing.

You can reward entrants with points and/or instant prizes when they complete the entry methods you’ve activated

The campaigns can be displayed on your website or store as a tab or pop up, on your Facebook Page, blog, etc. These are 100% mobile friendly.

List of current entry methods:

  • Referral
  • Visit a Facebook page (Incl. Ask a question with answer in text/multiple choices)
  • Like a Facebook Page
  • Share on Facebook
  • Visit Instagram profile (Incl. Ask a question with answer in text/multiple choices)
  • View Instagram photo or video (Incl. Ask a question with answer in text/multiple choices)
  • Retweet a tweet
  • Tweet
  • Tweet a hashtag on Twitter
  • Follow on Twitter
  • Follow user on Pinterest
  • Follow user board on Pinterest.
  • Open-ended question.
  • Multiple choice single answer question.
  • Multiple choice multiple answers question.
  • Quiz
  • Sign Up
  • Follow on SoundCloud
  • Like a track on SoundCloud
  • Visit a webpage (Incl. ask a question with answer in text/multiple choices)
  • Subscribe to YouTube channel
  • Like a video on YouTube
  • Watch a video on YouTube (Incl. ask a question with answer in text/multiple choices)
  • WordPress Blog Comments
  • Form builder
  • Review using Yotpo or
  • Newsletter signup

Key features:

  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Growing list of entry methods and referral scheme
  • Single Social Sign-on
  • Automatic coupon creation for winners- This means increased sales opportunities
  • Set restrictions incl. age, country and zip
  • Anti-cheat algorithm
  • Embed anywhere
  • Select start and end dates or keep it open (great for instant win campaigns)
  • High email deliverability
  • Ready made campaign templates
  • Copy campaigns and launch within minutes
  • Customize layout and design
  • Draw daily, weekly, monthly or jackpot winners (True randomization via
  • Translate into any language
  • Analytics and Google Analytics integrated
  • Export data

Easily setup different types of campaigns like

Twitter Contests Demo

  • Increase Twitter Followers & ReTweets
  • Get Referrals
    Use the Social Boost app to create Twitter Contests, Giveaways & Sweepstakes using multiple Twitter actions

Instagram Contests, Sweepstakes & Giveaways Demo

Use the Social Boost app to :
— Increase Pinterest Followers
— Get Referrals
— Capture Leads
Run competitions with multiple Pinterest actions.

YouTube Contests, Sweesptakes & Giveaways Demo

Use the Social Boost app to create YouTube Contests, Giveaways & Sweepstakes in minutes. Reward entrants for watching your video, subscribing to your channel & Liking your videos. Capture leads & get referrals.

Facebook Contests Demo

Use the Social Boost app to create & run powerful contests, promotions, sweepstakes & giveaways on your Facebook Page. Ask participants to comment, share your message, reward for referrals via Facebook & Capture leads with Facebook Login.

Pinterest Contests Demo

  • Increase Pinterest Followers
  • Get Referrals
  • Capture Leads
    Use our Social Boost app to create & run competitions with multiple Pinterest actions.

Watch & WIN! Contests Demo

Upload videos of your product, experience (e.g. properties, tours, food) or service on YouTube. Additionally, you can also embed a mystery code in these videos. Using Social boost, you can now ask participants to watch the video & also enter the mystery code in the subscription form. When participants watch the video, you can automatically reward points, coupons & unlock hidden rewards. This not only incentivizes visitors to view your offerings with undivided attention (which is so difficult & rare to achieve) but also increases subscriptions. Run it in sweepstake &/or instant reward mode
You can add more actions to make this contest more sophisticated &multi-platform. You can also make this viral by combining Share & WIN! features& give additional points or rewards for sharing your sweepstake. The points earned by entrants, will be automatically added to their loyalty points. Additionally, these entrants can also be enrolled into your loyalty program .

Book & WIN! Giveaways Demo

Use this type of contest or sweepstake to increase your bookings. Using Social boost, you can quickly create booking forms with the fields of your choice.

Share & WIN! Demo

Social boost has an ever enhancing Referral Marketing module. Make your contest go viral by asking entrants to share your campaign details on their social media profiles.

Signup & WIN! Demo

Run a simple signup reward campaign by using Social boost & boost your lists. Setup points, coupons & hidden rewards to be given away when users signup for your campaign.

Buy & WIN!

Use this type of contest or sweepstake to get sales. Offer points, coupons, hidden rewards & gala prizes to be given away when people make purchases.

Instant WIN! | Enter to WIN! Demo

Using Social boost, you can easily let your fans and visitors win prizes instantaneously. As soon as visitors sign-up for your giveaway, you can trigger an instant reward or coupon.

Visit & WIN! Demo

Use the ‘Visit a Page’ feature within Social boost to run a ‘Visit & WIN!’ giveaway. Simply enter the URL of the web page you would like the participants to visit and allocate points, unlock instant rewards & coupons for completing this action.

Answer & WIN! Demo

Use ‘Surveys’ & ‘Quiz’ actions within Social boost to run an engaging ‘Answer & WIN!’ competition. Give points, instant rewards & Coupons for completing these actions.

Local Contests, Sweepstakes or Giveaways

Want to run suburb(s) based or local contests or giveaways? Social boost has a built-in feature to restrict your contests to participants from your entered list of ZIP or post codes.



The integration allows you to offer rewards to customers to leave reviews through Yotpo and

Rewards can be given as:

  • #Entries
  • Instant Win Coupons
  • Or both of the above

This integration can be set up in just a few minutes and requires no additional code or development time. More Social Proof= Higher Conversions! Incentivizing people to write reviews will get you more Social Proof which in turn will lead to higher conversions and SEO ranking

Why should I use Social Boost?

  • Convert your visitors into customers
  • Reward people for sharing your message on their social media profiles
  • Increase your social media followers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest,…
  • Get social media traffic to your website
  • Boost Sales by offering instant gratification
  • Run awesome referral marketing programs:
    • Referral program with instant rewards
    • Referral contest
    • Referral program with goal-based rewards
  • Get feedback and reviews on your products/services.
  • Launch surveys and reward people for participation
  • Increase awareness of your offers, products or services

See complete list of our social marketing applications here


Awesome Support!

We are only an email away for any support or issues. We aim to reply within 8 hours but usually, you should hear back from us in under an hour. If you don’t hear back from us within 8 hours then either we have not received your email or please check your spam/junk folder.

Note:  This plugin is only really of use to you if you have an Apps Mav account.
This plugin connects to our dashboard for the initial set up, configuration and ongoing management of the app. The plugin will take you through a simple, free & no obligation, registration (sign up) process.
The account setup is done on and is totally free, has no commitments & no obligations.
50 Leads plan is a fully featured plan and is absolutely free (except the footer credit add-on). You can then select from our affordable plans
The leads and all entry details are also stored on the Apps Mav server and can be both downloaded as a CSV file or passed through 3rd party platforms like MailChimp.
Keep in mind that you will be redirected to create an Apps Mav account for it to work with.


  • List Of Entry Methods
  • Display Widget on Website- Reward social sharing & actions.
  • Get Referrals.


Keep in mind that you will be redirected to create an Apps Mav account for it to work with.
1. Upload «Social Boost» to the «/wp-content/plugins/» directory.
2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Is ‘Social Boost’ app free?

Yes, it is absolutely free for capturing upto 50 leads. This means that you can use all features, run any number of campaigns and it will show you upto 50 leads absolutely free.

What features are available in the free version?

The short answer is all features (Except Footer Credit). You can run any number of campaigns, get unrestricted use to all features, run offers, sweepstakes, giveaways, instant reward campaigns, referral programs, etc.

Do I need an Apps Mav account to set up and manage this plugin?

Yes, you do. The set-up, configuration and ongoing management of the app is done through the dashboard.
The leads and all entry details are also stored on the Apps Mav server and can be both downloaded as a CSV file or passed through 3rd party platforms like MailChimp
The initial setup will only take a few minutes, is totally free and has no commitments & no obligations. 50 leads plan is a fully featured plan and is absolutely free (except the footer credit add-on). You can then select from our affordable plans.

What kind of support do I get?

‘Social Boost’ App is very easy and fast to set up. If you ever need assistance, we are here to support you. For any pre-sales or product inquiries, send us an email to . Existing customers, please send email to . For Free products, our support turnaround is 48 hours but usually much quicker.

I have another question, what do I do?

Contact us Anytime! For any pre-sales or product inquiries, send us an email to .


This plugin allows me to run referral campaigns with features like the big boys while I'm on a small budget. It is easy to use and navigate. It displays well, and they are constantly coming up with features to enhance the product. Although I'm just getting started, I look super professional running my campaigns. Keep up the Nice Work!
I am a super frugal startup founder and Social Boost has all the features I need and more that I didn't know I needed, even at their free plan. Because of this, I already intend to upgrade to their next tier once my user base increases. SUCH A GREAT PLUG IN. I highly recommend to every startup! So happy I found you guys, keep up the good work!
Great app many wonderful features all done for you. The support team was very helpful. I would refer the app.
Social boost is an app where you can create giveaway campaigns and link your social media channels to it with an addition of gathering the info you've got for newsletters/listing. This app only has a team of 10 members but their customer support is superb, no Live Chat Bots, a human will speak to you. I'll give it 5 stars not because it's perfect, it still has a long way to go and could be further improved. I give the 5 to support these individuals and continue the updates on this app. The only problem I encountered using this app is when you've reached your plan limit it will disable the drawing of winners. Which is actually bad. It will keep adding users to your campaign even if you've already reached your limit. A great workaround or update with this is to limit it to the exact user plan and don't accept any "new registration". 200 User plan = 200 User only, don't disable drawing of winners. It's a hassle for both the account owner and the entrants to experience this. Just don't disable the drawing of winners, if the admin account exceeded its users and they want to draw a winner, have a workflow where your app doesn't include the excess users so it will not affect the drawing.
When running a giveaway for the first time, I experimented with several different plug-ins and settled on Social Boost because, being a first-timer, it allowed me to experiment with all its functionalities before reaching the stage where I might need to start using a paid plan. This was a great selling point for me because, in the case of other plug-ins, a lot of features are cancelled out unless you already have premium, whereas Social Boost remains free unless your contest gains a lot of contestants. What I liked about this plan was that I could play with all the features and decide which ones I did and didn't want to use, before deciding whether I wanted to upgrade. Other plug-ins didn't do this. The plug-in is quite easy to use, and allows a good amount of customisation. It has a lot of useful features, and its free until you reach 50 contacts. The premium plan only kicks in when you get a lot of contacts. The good thing about this, especially for someone running a giveaway for the first time, is that if you're not sure your giveaway will get a large amount of entrants, you won't have to upgrade until it does. The more entrants you get, the bigger the plan you need, creating an "if you win, we win" scenario between you and the Social Boost team. The one downside about the payment plan is, if you're running multiple campaigns, or choose to run a new one after your first ends, the entrants from your old campaign(s) still count towards your plan's total. There might be a way to remove them and prevent this, but I haven't experimented enough with this yet, and to my present knowledge, I don't think there is. This might be a problem for people who are running giveaways over and over again, as you'll need to keep using the bigger premium plans rather than starting from scratch. Regardless, for someone running a one-time contest and is unsure of their success rate, this payment plan is probably perfect for them. One more thing I feel this plug-in lacks is the ability to send messages to entrants during later stages of a campaign. I'm unsure if other plug-ins lack this feature as well, but I feel plug-ins like these would be more complete if they enabled this, as not every entrant is going to join the host's mailing list. It would be nice to have the ability to send them messages (similar to the "Thanks for entering" message the plug-in DOES send) when the contest is about to end, and after it has ended (announce the winner(s)). If the plug-in featured this, I feel its features would be far more complete. Was a great experience using it though, and definitely the perfect choice for beginners running a giveaway for the first-time, if not only to practice with a contest/giveaway plug-in's capabilities.
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