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Social Media Follow Buttons



Easy plugin to add the main ViewVox Social Media «Follow On» buttons to any page or post or in a sidebar with the included widget.

There is a main settings options panel under the WordPress Admin Settings menu. Here you can customise the display of your ViewVox Social Media «Follow On» buttons and add your social media profile addresses.

No HTML/CSS/PHP knowledge is required. All settings are very easy to use and customise. Requires WordPress 3.5 or later.


  • In the options panel you can select to display your chosen button links on all pages and posts, all single posts or all single pages only or disable on all, in which case you can use the included widget to display your links in any sidebar that your theme provides.
  • If displaying on posts or pages you can choose to display above or below your content area.
  • Customise «Follow» Message: You can customise the «Follow» message if desired and also automatically add your site title to the message.
  • Customise Appearance: In this options section you can choose your icon size from small (16px x 16px), medium (32px x 32px) or large (64px x 64px). Select the background colour of the display area for your social media button links and select the displayed font colour for your message using the WordPress color picker.
  • You can also enter custom font size, text alignment, padding for the display area and for the icons to suit your site. If no settings entered then the display area for your buttons will take your theme defaults.
  • Add your social media links: Address fields for your social media profile pages. You can check to enable or disable any of the links.
  • Add a Custom Social Media Link: If you wish to add a custom social media profile page you can enter the url and upload an image for your button. You should only upload an icon that matches your icon size setting above. The Upload Image feature uses the WordPress Media Uploader introduced in version 3.5 which is the minimum version supported by this plugin.
  • Social Media Widget: In addition to the ability to add to posts or pages you can also add the ViewVox Social Media Widget to any sidebar in your theme. Most settings options will not apply in the widget sidebar area except for the icon size, icon padding and your social media links of course.


  • Settings screen 1
  • Settings screen colour picker


  1. Upload the «social-media-follow-buttons» directory to your «wp-content/plugins» directory.
  2. In your WordPress admin, go to PLUGINS and activate «Social Media Follow Buttons»
  3. Go to SETTINGS — ViewVox Social Media
  4. Select settings and enter social media links

Часто задаваемые вопросы

What social media buttons are included in this plugin?

At the time of writing this version includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Blogger, Tumblr, Digg, Stumbleupon. More social media options will be included in subsequent versions.

Can I add my own social media buttons?

You can add one custom social media link and upload the relevant image to use as the icon/button for that.

Is your plugin easy to use?

Yes! Simply go to the settings page and select where to display and choose any custom options. Add your social media links and disable any you do not wish to use. If only using the widget just go to Appearances — Widgets and drag and drop the Social Media Widget into any sidebar. All the relevant settings from the main settings page will be automatically applied. The only additional option in the Social Media Widget is to add a title for your widget if desired.

Does your plugin have its own page?

The plugin’s page can be found here.


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