Free customer chat solution


Increase sales by making your business look more professional and approachable. A free solution for your customer
service team.

  • Free chat widget for your WordPress site
  • Free mobile apps for your team
  • Free Artificial Intelligence suggesting answers that your team member can forward to the customer and save time.

The chat widget is automatically shown in the language of the web site.

This plugin relies on Sonetel’s website chat service.
See Sonetel’s privacy policy


  • Widget proactive message
  • Widget first view after clicking
  • Widget active conversation
  • Mobile app for team
  • Widget connected
  • Widget not connected

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Is there any cost for using the service ?


Are there any integrations ?

Your customers can also ask questions with Facebook Messenger via your Facebook page. Other integrations are in the works.

What languages are supported ?

You can find a list here

Do I need to configure it to make it work ?

No. Default settings should work fine. The widget also detects the language of your site automatically. But you can naturally change the look and feel and behaviour to your liking.


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  • Fixed options Settings
  • Fixed css style


  • Initial release.