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SportsPost — Enriched Sports Posts


Enhance your sports posts with rich, detailed metadata about games, teams, and players, and with live game photos.

SportsPost 2.0 allows WordPress editors to search for player names of athletes in major North American sports leagues, and drop their names directly into their post. These names can then hyperlink to externally hosted Player Profile pages, with expanded news, statistics, and photos of those players.

Bloggers can also optionally register at http://SportsForecaster.com/affiliates to generate advertising revenue from their links.

SportsPost 2.0 also allows editors to search or browse the over 3 million sports photos from Icon Sportswire — a leading sports photo wire service. Selected photos can be inserted directly into any post — without leaving WordPress. Photos can also be imported into WordPress’s Media Library.

Photos are for editorial usage only, and editors must register at IconSportswire.com for an account and login credentials. Photos can licensed using prepaid Credits (no long-term contract necessary), or can be downloaded as part of a monthly subscription package.

SportsPost 2.0 also includes «preview functionality» that allows WordPress administrators to add Sports Widgets from XML Team onto designated locations of any page. Our forthcoming 3.0 release will make it easy to select widgets and drop them in place. Visit the «Support» tab and drop us a message if you’d like more details.

Future versions will allow editors to:

  • Select Sports Widgets that will automatically update your website with current sports coverage.
  • Identify posts as being Game Previews or Game Recaps for particular sporting events, and then automatically include supplemental game information.


  • "Insert/Edit Player Link" dialog window
  • "Insert/Edit Player Link" button in visual editor toolbar
  • "Insert/Edit Player Link" button in text editor toolbar
  • Страница настроек
  • Browse photos from Icon Sportswire. Choose the league, and see photos organized by game.
  • Search photos by typing in keywords
  • Photos get loaded into WordPress's Media Library, and can be resized and aligned as per all WordPress photos.


This section describes how to install and use the plugin.

  1. Install automatically through the Plugins menu and Add New button (or upload the entire sportspost folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory)
  2. Activate the plugin
  3. Go to edit a post / page
  4. Click on the «Insert/Edit Player Link» button on the editor toolbar
  5. Search for a player, click on its name in the search results, and you’re done.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Q) Is SportsPost free to use?

A) Inserting links to player profiles is free. Inserting photos requires opening an account at IconSportswire.com, and charges do apply there. (After all, we’re paying professional and credentialed photographers for the use of their photos.) Our forthcoming Sports Widgets feature will include both free and premium options.

Q) Can SportsPost make me money?

A) Yes! Just register for an Affiliate ID over at http://SportsForecaster.com/affiliates and you’ll generate ad revenue directly into your own Google AdSense account.

Q) Are there any photo usage limitations?

A) Yes. Photos are for editorial use only. For example, this means you cannot download a photo of your favorite athlete, and then write a post stating that this athlete endorses products or services that you sell.

Q) Can I edit the captions and alternate-text that come with the photos?

A) Yes, absolutely. But you must maintain the photo credit, which includes the photographer name, and also lists «Icon Sportswire» as the supplier of the photo.


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  • Fixed Widget initialization in admin
  • Fixed insert / import buttons behavior when not connected


  • Added support for photos from Icon Sportswire
  • Added preview functionality for Sports Widgets


  • Added new player profile link settings


  • First release