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Subscribe to Comments Reloaded is a robust plugin that enables commenters to sign up for e-mail notification of subsequent entries. The plugin includes a full-featured subscription manager that your commenters can use to unsubscribe to certain posts or suspend all notifications. It solves most of the issues that affect Mark Jaquith’s version, using the latest WordPress features and functionality. Plus, allows administrators to enable a double opt-in mechanism, requiring users to confirm their subscription clicking on a link they will receive via email or even One Click Unsubscribe.


  • WordPress 4.0 или выше
  • PHP 5.6 или выше
  • MySQL 5.x или выше

Основные возможности

  • Не модифицирует основные таблицы WordPress
  • Простое управление и поиск среди ваших подписок
  • Imports Mark Jaquith’s Subscribe To Comments (and its clones) data
  • Сообщения полностью настраиваемы, редактировать *po файлы не требуется (и вы можете использовать HTML)
  • Disable subscriptions for specific posts
  • Отписаться одним кликом
  • Получите и загрузите информацию о вашей системе для лучшей поддержки.

Языковая локализация

Subscribe to Comments Reloaded can speak your language! If you want to provide a localized file in your
language, use the template files (.pot) you’ll find inside the langs folder,
and contact me once your
localization is ready. Currently, we support the following languages:


  • Управляйте своими подписками
  • Use your own messages to interact with your users
  • Настройте страницу виртуального управления
  • Настройте уведомления с помощью визуального текстового редактора WordPress
  • Настройте поведение плагина
  • Проверьте количество подписчиков в ваших постах.
  • Управляйте подписками на стороне внешнего интерфейса.


  1. If you are using Subscribe To Comments by Mark Jaquith, disable it (no need to uninstall it, though)
  2. Upload the entire folder and all the subfolders to your WordPress plugins’ folder. You can also use the downloaded ZIP file to upload it.
  3. Активировать его
  4. Customize the Permalink value under Settings > Subscribe to Comments > Management Page > Management URL. It must reflect your permalinks’ structure
  5. If you don’t see the checkbox to subscribe, you will have to manually edit your template, and add <?php global $wp_subscribe_reloaded; if (isset($wp_subscribe_reloaded)){ echo $wp_subscribe_reloaded->stcr->subscribe_reloaded_show(); } ?> somewhere in your comments.php
  6. If you’re upgrading from a previous version, please make sure to deactivate/activate StCR.
  7. You can always install the latest development version by taking a look at this Video

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Are there any video tutorials?

Yeah, I have uploaded a few videos for the following topics:

  1. Issues Updating StCR via WordPress Update
  2. Issues with StCR links see StCR Clickable Links
  3. Issues with empty emails or management messages? see StCR Management Message
  4. Обновление на последнюю версию разработки см. Обновление
Why my notifications are not in HTML format?

Don’t worry, just go to the Options tab an set to Yes the Enable HTML emails option.

How can I reset all the plugin options?

There is a new feature called Safely Uninstall that allow you to delete the plugin using the WordPress plugin interface. If you have the option set to Yes everything but the subscriptions created by the plugin will be wipeout. So after you made sure that you have this option to Yes you can deactivate the plugin and the delete it. Now you have to install the plugin via WordPress or Upload the plugin zip file and activate it, after this step all your settings will be as default and your subscriptions will remain.
There is a new feature added on the Options tab where you can reset all the settings by using only one click. You can either wipe out all the subscriptions or keep them.

What can I do if the **Safely Uninstall** does not have any value?

Just deactivate and activate the plugin and you are all set. The default value will be Yes.

Aaargh! Were did all my subscriptions go?

No panic. If you upgraded from 1.6 or earlier to 2.0+, you need to deactivate/activate StCR, in order to update the DB structure. After the version 180212 a fix was applied so that you can see all the subscriptions.

How do I create a ‘real’ management page?

Please refer to this page for a detailed step-by-step description on how to do that

Can I customize the layout of the management page?

Yes, each HTML tag has a CSS class or ID that you can use to change its position or look-and-feel.

How do I disable subscriptions for a given post?

Add a custom field called stcr_disable_subscriptions to it, with value ‘yes’

How do I add the management page URL to my posts?

Use the shortcode [subscribe-url], or use the following code in your theme:
global $wp_subscribe_reloaded; if (isset($wp_subscribe_reloaded)){ echo ‘Subscribe«;

Can I move the subscription checkbox to another position?

Yes! Just disable the corresponding option under Settings > Comment Form and then add the following code where you want to display the checkbox:
stcr->subscribe_reloaded_show(); } ?>

What if after update to the version 141024 I still see plain HTML messages?

The information of your configuration needs to be updated. Go to the Subscribe to Comments Reloaded settings and click the Save Changes button on the tab
where you have you messages with HTML.

How to generate a new Key for my Site?

Just go to the Options Panel and click the generate button. By generating a new key you prevent the spam bots to steal your links.


Июнь 5, 2019
Just doesn't send mail and the page "comment-subscriptions" doesn't work
Июнь 2, 2019
This is one of the most powerful subscribe plugin for the wordpress. Thank you for your job.
Май 14, 2019
I haven't done much more than set this plugin up on my site thus far, but I ran into a small issue and got really responsive, useful help. Thank you!
Апрель 12, 2019
I recently changed to use this plugin. Wonderful and easy to use. Thank you for making my life easy!
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Участники и разработчики

«Subscribe To Comments Reloaded» — проект с открытым исходным кодом. В развитие плагина внесли свой вклад следующие участники:


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Журнал изменений


  • Fix Issue with being unable to dismiss admin notices shown by StCR
  • Fix Virtual management page was still being shown even when disabled


  • Fix Remove the old system information functionality


  • New Option to only enable the functionality for blog posts ( option named «Enable only for blog posts» located in WP admin > StCR > StCR Options)
  • Tweak Info on subscriber and subscriptions amount moved into separate table
  • Fix Text domain


  • New Info on the amount of subscribers and subscriptions added in WP admin > StCR > StCR System
  • Fix Text domain (for translations) has been changed to the correct domain (from subscribe-reloaded to subscribe-to-comments-reloaded)
  • Fix Issue with undefined is_rtl function
  • Fix Missing blank space between sentences (below comment form when subscribed)
  • Fix Undefined variable notices for $order_status and $order_dt
  • Fix Temporarily hidden an unused option in StCR > Management Page to avoid confusion.
  • Fix Removed localization for non textual strings
  • Исправлено Исправлены некорректно локализованные текстовые строки


  • Fix Issue with JavaScript code that is supposed to show the form when «StCR Position» is enabled


  • Fix Post author was notified of new comments even if they are awaiting approval, no need for this since WordPress itself sends out an email in that case
  • Fix Post author was notified twice ( if he was subscribed and «subscribe authors» was enabled )
  • Fix Issue with «StCR Position» option ( for older/outdated themes ) not working properly
  • Fix Issue with wrong translation in German
  • Tweak The «Action» select box labels on «Manage Subscriptions» page tweaked to be more descriptive


  • New Shortcode for manage page content (to be used on non-virtual management page). The shortcode is [stcr_management_page]
  • Rewrite New method for downloading system information file
  • Fix The admin panel CSS and JavaScript files now load only on StCR pages
  • Fix Tooltips not showing up on System options page
  • Fix Conflict with MailChimp for WP plugin (comment filter received echo instead of return which caused the issue)
  • Fix Issue with select/deselect all on management page
  • Tweak The MySQL requirements info on the system page now uses WordPress requirements
  • Tweak The post author will no longer be notified of his/her own comments


  • Fix Issue with «Subscribe authors» functionality sending the emails to administrator instead of the post author


  • Fix String error calling the Curl Array.
  • Fix wrong array definition that was breaking the site in some newer PHP versions.
  • Fix error by calling $wp_locale that was not needed.
  • Fix wrong label on option issue #467.
  • Fix typo en help description issue #468.


  • Fix missing checkbox when the option StCR Position was set to Yes.
  • Fix styles on admin notices.
  • Fix filenames to match the correct menu name.
  • Fix # issue#431 and issue#444.
  • Fix warning message that was notifying the server when the Management URL was empty. Now the field must have a value. Props @breezynetworks on WordPress Forum
  • Fix value of management page to get it on the event insteadof page load.
  • Add translation for Subs Table, Add PHP error logger.
  • Add Plugin information on Cards.
  • Add the Phing build script to automate the deployment and testings.
  • Add WebUI Popover library to display the help messages in a clear way.
  • Add dropdown menu on the options tab to include the System menu.
  • Add option to download the system report.
  • Add functionality to create the system report via Ajax.
  • Add cron to clean house the system report file.
  • Upgrade the Comment Form Panel 2 options.
  • Upgrade the Management Page panel.
  • Обновленынастройки панели.
  • Upgrade the Support Panel.
  • Upgrade the StCR System Menu.
  • Update font awesome refrences.
  • Обновлено Админ меню с Bootstrap.
  • Implement Pagination using plugins and fix responsive layout of management page.
  • Implement SASS for the CSS files.
  • Implement a cache array for the menu options.
  • Remove unecessary components from Composer.
  • Remove double inclusion of Font Awesome.
  • Modify Bower, Gulp and Phing files to implement WebUI Popover.
  • Refactor the options saving process.
  • Refactor code to move the functional saving options to the Utils Class.
  • Set the Double Verification option to yes.
  • Create array of options for improve support.
  • Sanitize input and out of data preventing XSS. Code modification and suggestion by @jnorell.
  • Re Word option to avoid missleading to new users. Props @padraigobeirn.
  • Move the plugin core files to the folder src in order to implement npm and bower task managers.


  • Fix error when a user subscribe to a new post and the double opt-in was enable, preventing the double opt-in not sending the email message. Issue#350.
  • Add email and post id validation on the StCR backened.
  • Add email, search and post id validation on the frontend.
  • Add backened validation for input data (email) on the subscribe and request management pages.
  • Add debug messages to improve support.
  • Add feature to change the date format output on the management page for both the User page and Author. See issue#345.
  • Remove the inclusion of the plugin scripts with WP enqueue. This will load only the needed script on specific pages. Will remove request to the server to get scripts.