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Инструментарий TemplatesNext


Essential addons for your websites like Portfolios, Team Members, Testiminials, Sliders, WooCommerce Product Listing. etc via Shortcodes or SiteOrigin Page builder or using Elementor widgets. This plugin also optionally adds Wishlist and Compare Products for Woocommerce.

Elementor Demos

Slider — A simple Slider widget for elementor.
Portfolio — A Portfolio widget for elementor to showcase your work.
Team — Team widget for elementor to show team member.
Posts Grid — Create Posts Grid with this elementor widget.
Contact Form 7 — An elementor widget for Contact Form 7.
Products Lists — This widget combines elementor with WooCommerce.
Testimonials — A testimonial Carousel widget for elementor.

SiteOrgin Page Builder Demo

Home Page — Созданный с виджетами Инструментария TemplatesNext для SiteOrigin Page Builder.

Shortcodes Demos And Documentations

Demos And Documentation — демонстрации, созданные с генераторами шорткодов, и документация.

Themes Built To Work With TemplatesNext ToolKit

i-excel, i-craft, i-design, i-max
Некоторые шорткоды/виджеты могут работать лишь с темами TemplatesNext.


  • Slider, Portfolio, WooCommerce Product Listing, Team, Contact Form 7, Testimonials виджеты для Elementor.
  • Добавляет пункты меню для записей типа itrans Slider, Portfolio, Team and Testimonials


Install the plugin into the /wp-content/plugins/ folder, and activate it.


02.09.2018 1 ответ
Hi, thanks for the great plugin. I have some issues when i wanna insert 4 posts in one row. there are only 3 posts in the first row, the fourth post is in the second row. Even if i set the tx-column-size at 20%. I use FF browser... in Opera, Chrome and Edge its the same problem. Any idea? Thanks.
Best Free Touch Swipe Sliders! Also there is a plugin Master Slider Free Version, but it is not possible to add text and a button. TemplatesNext ToolKit (itrans Slider) - Touch Swipe Sliders too, And I can add text and a button. But, the settings menu is more convenient in the Master Slider.
Good plugin!I use it on different sites with different themes. Suffice it easy to install and to use. There are certainly small parts that could earn some money, but compared to the basic functionality is the little things. I recommend for those who appreciate simplicity and imagination, with which you can do a lot with this plugin!
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Журнал изменений


  • Fixed: Security Update


  • Fixed: Security Update


  • Fixed: Responsive style for elementor post grid
  • Fixed: Responsive style for elementor team member


  • Added: Elementor Slider Widget Typography
  • Added: Elementor Testimonials Widget Typography


  • Added: Elementor Testimonial Widget
  • Fix: Missing Grabbing png


  • Added: Elementor Slider Widget
  • Added: Elementor Portfolio Widget
  • Added: Elementor Team Widget
  • Added: Elementor Posts Grid Widget
  • Added: Elementor Contact Form Widget
  • Added: Elementor WooCommerce Products listing Widget


  • Removed: Breadcrumb removed
  • Added: Shape dividers


  • Fix: Video slider bug fix
  • Fix: Meta box update
  • Added: Breadcrumb


  • Updated Font Awesome
  • Added support for page builder
  • Added widgets for page builder


  • Added Youtube Video shortcode
  • Added Fullscreen Video/Image slider


  • Comitability issue with PHP7 fixed


  • Team member post type added
  • testimonial in full width row fix


  • Added shortcode animate and fancy block added
  • itrans slider new text backbround option added


  • Added Parallax Effect for slider
  • CSS changes


  • Support for portfolio category filter
  • Deprecated constructor method for WP_Widget replaced


  • itrans slider button fix
  • maximum slides in a slider increased to 10


  • renamed file tnext-meta.php to tx-meta.php


  • Added 5 new widgets
  • Added renamed function tx_register_shortcodes to avoide conflict
  • added different style of services icon


  • Added pagination for recent posts (blog) shortcode.
  • Added heading shortcode.
  • Added product carousel for WooCommerce.
  • Added Custom post type itrans slider.
  • Added itrans slider shortcode.


  • Initial Version.