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The Stiz — Audio for WooCommerce


Using MediaElement, The Stiz — Audio for WooCommerce offers maximum compatibility with HTML5 for the latest browsers, falling back to flash when required.

Core Features

  • Increase sales by allowing shoppers to preview tracks on shop list pages, instead of forcing them to first go to the product’s detail page.
  • Improve the interactivity of any online store in the entertainment industry.
  • Keeps your media library tidy by uploading preview files to their own folder.
  • Preview files are protected against casual downloading.
  • MediaElement allows for a cross-platform CSS customizable player.
  • Various options for configuring player & shop list preview items.


  • Preview audio on product list pages.
  • Edit MediaElement CSS & other options on the plugin admin page.


This plugin is available using the standard WordPress plugin process. On the ‘add new plugins’ page, search for ‘The Stiz’.


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Участники и разработчики

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Журнал изменений


  • Updated admin page about content.


  • Added custom Media Element CSS admin option for individual product page player.


  • Added note in admin section about classes applied to preview / individual players.


  • Added option to include the player on individual product pages. Re-arranged options to be more usable.


  • Added footer HTML to admin panel, enabling user modification of a product’s footer HTML.


  • Updated mp3 streaming to work in a wider range of browsers.


  • Fixed issue with file uploads.

1.0.4 — 1.0.5

  • Updated media library integration.


  • Fixed issue files to be uploaded to an invalid directory.


  • Fixed issue causing incorrect option save behaviour.


  • Stability improvement, added screenshots.


  • First release.