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theMarketer for Woocommerce


theMarketer is an email marketing & automation platform, which also provides a powerful Loyalty Program for eCommerce businesses. This add-on tracks every action that you visitors make on your website, in order to provide a personalized experience for each and every user.

Being one of the first companies in Eastern Europe to provide the necessary tools for an affordable Loyalty Program, theMarketer.com offers you the necessary tools to engage your customers on multiple channels, such as Email, Push notifications and SMS, while also enabling you to increase customer retention and lifetime value with our powerful Loyalty Program.

theMarketer Features:

Campaigns — Create personalized moments that matter across all channels. Be anywhere your customers are and deliver a consistent and personalized experience through email, SMS, and push notifications.

Marketing automation — Impeccable customer journeys that drive sales on autopilot. Design action-based, code-free, targeted automations that engage and convert around the clock.

Feedback and Reviews — Build trust and manage your online reputation. Collect, monitor, and respond to your reviews quicker and easier to give your customers a voice, develop a trustworthy brand, and grow your sales.

Loyalty Program — Meet the loyalty program that will transform your business. Stop burning your budget on online ads. Retain your hard-earned customers and maximize their engagement and lifetime value with powerful and catchy solutions designed for your business.

Referral Program — From new customers to Brand Ambassadors. Reward users and incentivize them to share your brand with their community and friends and grow your customer base in the most powerful and cost-effective way.

Launcher — Meet your most powerful online shop assistant. Skyrocket your conversion rate and encourage your visitors to engage with your shop and become part of your community with theMarketer’s handy launcher.


theMarketer pricing starts from as low as 5 EUR/month. Subscription prices are calculated based on the number of unique subscribers your store has.


  1. Upload the entire ‘mktr’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

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