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TomS Product Label


TomS Product Label is a label for woocommerce products. support custom 1d barcode and qrcode. really lightweight plugin, easy to setup.

You need to install Woocommerce plugin and Activated it first.


There is no settings in admin panel, just add new or edit your exists product -> Product data -> Product Label

  • Heading Input some text you want, if leave it blank will not show this field on the product page
  • Heading Font Color
  • Heading Background Color
  • 1D Barcode Currently only support «EAN13» the format of 1d barcode. if you want more, email me—> support@toms-caprice.org
  • QR Code URL Enter an url that will generate a QR code for the label. if leave it blank will be the current product url itself.
  • Image 0 URL
  • Image 1 URL
  • Image 2 URL
  • Text 0
  • Text 1
  • Text 2
  • Text 3
  • Text 0
  • Text 1
  • Text 2
  • Text 3
  • Text 4
  • Text 5

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Reliance upon any non-English translation is at your own risk; We can give no guarantees that translations from the original English are accurate.

We recognise and thank those mentioned at https://toms-caprice.org/translations for code and/or libraries used and/or modified under the terms of their open source licences.


  • TomS Product Label setting field on woocomerce product edit page

  • TomS Product Label show after the add to card button

  • TomS Product Label show before product tabs

  • TomS Product Label show after product Description

  • TomS Product Label Area Description

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Where I can find the settings about this plugin?

You need to install Woocommerce plugin and Activated it first.
After Activated woocommerce and our plugin, go to -> Admin Panel -> Products -> All products -> edit exists/add a new product -> Product data -> Product Label.

Can I change display position of the label?

Yes you can! We provided 3 label positions you can choose which are «After Add to card button», «Before Product Tabs» and «After the Description content».
If you want to show the Label on other position let me know. support@toms-caprice.org


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