Этот плагин не тестировался с последними 3 основными выпусками WordPress. Скорее всего, он уже не поддерживается и может быть несовместим с текущими версиями WordPress.

Turtle Ad Network


The Turtle Ad Network offer Peer-to-Peer Ads. Simple, fast and open source.
— Ad Network utilizes a WordPress plugin for managing and hosting Ads.
— Ad Network utilizes the Turtle Network blockchain for sending and purchasing Ads.

Website: https://www.turtleadnetwork.com

Key features & Highlights:
* Text Ad Network
* Cost per Impression (CPI) Ads
* Peer-to-Peer transactions
* TANstats — Ad statistics & monitoring
* Ad payments in TrueUSD (tUSD) or $TN (Receive 100%, no middlemen)
* Send Ad text and payment in one easy transaction
* Blacklist, Spam Management, Ad Stop|Start
* Auto or manual Ad Approval
* Multi-Ad support, Auto Rotate Ads
* 0.02 $TN transaction fee per Ad
* Zero license costs

— WordPress.
— Wallet address: https://wallet.turtlenetwork.eu
— Note: tUSD & $TN can be purchased in wallet.
— Note: View transactions: https://explorer.turtlenetwork.eu


  • Setting page.
  • Wallet Address page.
  • Ad Segments page.
  • Ad Approval page.
  • TANstats page.


  1. Activate the plugin

2: Visit WordPress Dashboard > Turtle Ad Network > Settings.
— ‘Set API Server’ = Server hardset but can be changed.
— ‘Payment Type’ = Set payment to tUSD or TN.
— ‘Minimum Amount’ = «Set the Minimum payment required for an Ad to be displayed», a payment that does not meet the minimum will be ignored.
— ‘Ad Display Cost / Impressions’ = «Set the cost, per amount of Ad impressions displayed, for all Ad Segments, multiple ads will round-robin», monitor Ad status in the ‘Ad Approval’ page.
— ‘BlackList / Spam Management’ = «Insert blacklist details, allow auto Ad blocking based on wallet addresses, words or expressions. In the comma separated format ‘word1,address,word2′», Ads will be ignored based on blacklist data.
— ‘Ad Approval’ = «Enable or Disable Ad approvals, if enabled, manually managed in Ad Approvals page, by approve or reject action».

3: Visit WordPress Dashboard > Turtle Ad Network > Wallet Address.
— ‘Address Label’ = «Insert a reference label of the Wallet Address»
— ‘Wallet Address’ = «Insert a TurtleNetwork Wallet Address»
Note: Only use one Wallet Address per Ad Segment.

4: Visit WordPress Dashboard > Turtle Ad Network > Ad Segments.
— ‘Ad Segment Name’ = «Insert an Ad Segment reference name»
— ‘Assign Wallet Address’ = «Assign a Wallet Address, configured in section 3
— ‘Ad Size’ = «Select an Ad display size»
Click ‘Add Ad Segment’ to complete the Ad Segment setup and note the new ‘Shortcode’ created for the Ad Segment.

5: Visit WordPress Dashboard > Turtle Ad Network > Ad Approval.
— When ‘Ad Approval’ is activated in the ‘Settings’ page, Ads will be required to be manually approved by ‘Approving’ or ‘Rejecting’ the Ad.
Note: All Ads will be shown on the ‘Ad Approval’ page except incorrectly formatted Ads, blacklisted Ads.

6: Inserting an Ad Segment into a WordPress website.
Visit the ‘Ad Segments’ page and copy the required ‘Shortcode’, Insert the ‘Shortcode’ into a WordPress page, blog, sidebar, widget etc.
Note: Publish your advertising details (wallet, costs etc) — You are now ready to receive an Ad.

7: ## Process for Sending an Ad ##
Send a transaction on the Turtle Network, using the wallet, with the amount of tUSD or $TN required to purchase impressions. In the transaction attachment section, insert the correctly formatted Text Ad details and SEND.

8: Ad details;
— Text Ad Format: ‘Ad (headline)(description)(url)’
— Text Ad Example: Ad (Turtle Ad Network)(Ad Network using the TurtleNetwork blockchain)(https://t.me/turtleadnetwork)
— Text Ad submission process: Send a transaction on the TurtleNetwork, with an attachment in the above format, to an assigned address. An assigned address is configured/linked to an Ad Segment.
— Text Ad Note: Maximum of 140 characters allowed, Headline text is bold with 35 character limit & URL is clickable in Ad. Utilize a URL shortener service to track analytics and shorten URL’s.
Note: Ads that dont meet to format requirements will be ignored.

9: TANstats: Ad statistics & monitoring.
Note: Query stats by submitting Ad wallet address, no login or personal info required.
— URL query format: https://yourdomain/tanstats?address=submitted_address
— URL query example: https://www.turtleadnetwork.com/tanstats/?address=3Je4mC5SXP7eQ39WmhdHS8PDKfgLNDbxdnF

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Will there be Image Ads in future?

This is an option that is under review.


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Журнал изменений


  • [Change]: DB tables renamed to standards, backup address & ad segment settings prior.
  • [Review]: WordPress 5.5 support confirmed.
  • [Change]: Create buttons renamed.

  • [Change]: Ad Approvals» name change to «Ad Manager.
  • [Review]: WordPress 5.4 support confirmed.
  • [New]: Plugin Website on github, https://www.turtleadnetwork.com.


  • [New]: TrueUSD (tUSD) payment method added.


  • [New]: TANstats, Ad statistics & monitoring.

  • [Fixed]: turtle-ad-network.php-DB error when installing.


  • [Fixed]: DB errors in error_log.
  • [Fixed]: Ad display, changed tx image to ‘#’ sign, fix css formatting issues.
  • [Fixed]: Ad shortcode didnt work in HTML widget.

  • [Fixed]: Ad display issue after enabling v1.0.9.


  • Updated explorer link in Ad from blackturtle.eu to turtlenetwork.eu.
  • [New]: Ad Approvals Page: In ‘Action’ column, added an option to Stop/Start an Ad.
  • [New]: Created an Action Flag ‘Completed’ if the Ads current impression reached purchased impression.
  • [Fixed]: Style issue in Ad size 728 X 90, the url was not into the box, adjusted by reducing font size.


  • Initial Production release.
  • Settings Page: Hardset a default API server to ‘https://ninjastar.ninjaturtle.co.za’.
  • Settings Page: Changed the notes formatting, remove space requirement between ‘)(‘.
  • Ad Approval Page: ‘Start Time’ changed to ‘Start Date’ and included the Date & Time the Ad starts.
  • Ad Approval Page: ‘Txid’ column, text changed to clickable hyperlink to the web explorer.
  • [Fixed]: Removed the ‘Action’ column in ‘Ad Approval page, when Ad approvals are disabled.
  • [Fixed]: Special character escaping in Ad text.