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Unik — Ultimate Pricing Table


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No need extra configurations for Unik – Ultimate Pricing Table. Unik – Ultimate Pricing Table allows to create Unlimited Pricing Table. Unik Pricing Plugin installation’s a Custom Post Type named «Unik Pricing» will be created automatically. To show a set of Pricing Table a shortcode [unik_pricing] needed. The shortcode will be like [unik_pricing id=»41″], where 41 is an example of Pricing Table ID. Create a page for your Pricing Table and place the Shortcode, you are done !!!

Features Included

  • Unik — Ultimate Pricing Table Plugin includes- Pricing Title, Sub Title, Features, Currency, Color Picker, Duration.
  • No Post Feature Limits.
  • Responsive Design
  • Many more settings are comming!!!

Installation Video Tutorial:

About the Author

A product by Jewel Theme WordPress Team.

Problems and Support

To get faster response You can drop a topic in our website Direct Support Forum Topic. If you have any query about Unik — Ultimate Pricing Table then please check our F.A.Q.

Comments, Feedback and Request Features

Please give your valueable suggestions, comments, and feedbacks about this plugin or, any ideas about WordPress Plugin just drop a message to us. We are waiting for hearing from you!!!

This plugin is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.


  • Design Output of Unik Pricing Table
  • Backend Configuration of Unik Pricing table
  • Shortcode Pricing Example


  • From WordPress Dashboard go to «Plugins>> Add New>> Uploads», select ‘unik-ultimate-pricing-table.zip’ file and upload it. Or,
  • Extract the zip file, copy and paste to the ‘wp-conten/plugins/’ directory of your WordPress Installation.
  • Activate the plugin.
  • Create a new page named it «Pricing» or anything you want. In the Editor place this shortcode [unik_pricing id=»41″], here 41 is the example of Pricing ID.
  • To show a Pricing Table a shortcode [unik_pricing] needed, just crate a page for your «Unik Pricing» section and update the page.

Installation Video Tutorial:

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Features and Supports

Does Unik Pricing Table has Dedicated Supports?

Yes it does. Though it’s a free Plugin but we’re giving Dedicated Supports for all of our Plugins.

Does Unik Pricing Table supports shortcodes?
Yes, you need a shortcodes [unik_pricing id=»»] to use Unik Pricing Table Plugin.

** Does Unik Pricing Table allow Multiple Pricing Tables ? **
Yes, you’re free to add multiple Pricing Table as per your needs. Feel free to ask our [Dedicated Support Forums] (http://jeweltheme.com/support/forum/wordpress-plugins/unik/)


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