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Custom WooCommerce Discount Plugin helps online store owners to create and manage custom discounts for customers. This WooCommerce discount plugin allows admin to offer product-based discounts, in percentage, flat rate, by category, subcategory, or even by specific users.

One of the key features of the discount rules for WooCommerce plugin is the ability to hide offer prices until a customer log-in. This helps to keep your pricing strategy confidential and also encourages customers to create an account in your web-store. The inclusion of the feature allows you to create a sense of exclusivity for your WooCommerce store, which helps to enhance loyalty with customers and boost up sales.

To add more, another useful feature of this plugin is to create and manage custom user roles. This feature enables you to assign specific roles to your customers based on their behavior, demographics, or purchase history. With this feature, you can customize your discounts to specific user groups, such as new customers, loyal customers, or customers who have spent a certain amount in your store.

The WooCommerce discount plugin also allows you to assign custom roles to your customers. You can easily assign a role to a customer when they create an account or based on their purchase history. It also helps to personalize your customers’ shopping experience, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Overall, the Custom WooCommerce Discount plugin is an essential tool for any online store owner who is looking to offer customized discounts. With its powerful features and easy-to-use interface, the plugin makes it easy to create and manage discounts that drive sales and customer loyalty.

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Free version features

  • This plugin allows Admin to set an additional discount % to a specific user. Discount can be set for a user on a particular Category, Subcategory or Product.

  • User is required to login to see if discount is available.

  • Discount supports Cart, Mini cart, Product loop & variable products.

  • Admin can set multiple discount rules for a particular user.


  • With this Custom Woocommerce Discount For User plugin one can define a category of products and its subcategories to set discount in terms of percentage (%) offer for any specific user as well as you can also restrict discounts to specific users or user roles.

  • The discount is not visible to non-logged-in users. After signing up, one can see the discount price, if available.

  • With this plugin one can define category of products and its subcategories to set discount in terms of percentage (%) offer for any specific user as well as the store owner can restrict discounts to specific users or user roles

  • This plugin will allow you to categorize your customers based on user role. You can create custom user roles like Reseller, Wholesale, Retailer as per the requirements.

  • Once the custom role is selected, you can bulk assign your users a defined role and based on various roles you can create “various custom discount rules”.

  • It will be useful to have different prices for different user roles. With this plugin, you can create role based custom discount rules for specific products or categories and subcategories. The discount can be a flat rate or % .


  • Set up multiple discount rules for individual product, effortlessly.
    Example: Select a Customer from your customer list and give 15% discount on multiple products or set specific discount % from individual product

  • Encourage customers to sign up to know their discount eligibility.
    Example: After users login to the account they can see the discount % off on products like 12% off on X product and 20% off on Y product

  • Apply bulk-discounts to select categories & Subcategories with a single-click.
    Example: Select a customer and set a 15% discount on selected Category or Subcategory. All the products under respective Category will display 15% off on Regular price

  • You can also set different discount levels for different user roles
    Example: Select multiple customers and assign them to a group Like Wholesaler Retailer or VIP User and assign a discount of 20% to Retailer, 15% VIP User , 30% off to Wholesaler on selected Category, Subcategory or a product.



Custom WooCommerce Discount for User PRO Offering a Flat-rate discount to all users gives only a short-term increase in sales as most of the buyers are bargain-hunters. Whereas customised offering such as ‘Discount upon signup’ creates a longer relationship with your customers. Ability to offer discounts only to specific customers. Acquire new registration by offering a discount only after sign-up.

  • Restrict discounts to specific user or user roles.

  • Create custom user-roles for different discount percentages to different types of buyers such as retailers, resellers, wholesalers, distributors, customers etc. E.g. Give 5% discount to customers but 10% discount to wholesalers on the same product or product category.

  • Create custom discount percentages for specific product, product categories, and product subcategories. E.g. Assign bulk 5% discount on all products in the ‘Electronics’ category and 3% discount on all products in the ‘Printed Tees’ sub-category of ‘Apparel’ category.

  • Custom discount based on total cart value to upsell your products. E.g. Offer a 5% discount if the shopping cart value increases $50.

  • Create Time-based pricing by defining the start date and end date for specific product, or product category. E.g. Offer 5% discount on all products from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

  • Set discount based on fixed price or percentage discount. E.g. Offer 5% discount on cart value upto $50 and a flat $5 discount on cart value exceeding $50.



1.21 — 22/02/24

  • Fix: Bug fixes

1.20 — 22/02/24

  • Fix: Minor UI fixes

1.19 — 22/02/24

  • Fix: Minor UI fixes

1.18 — 16/02/24

  • Fix: Minor UI fixes

1.17 — 16/02/24

  • Fix: Subcategory dropdown auto populate bug fix

1.16 — 01/02/24

  • Fix: Minor UI fixed

1.15 — 22/11/23

  • Fix: Description Content update.
  • Fix: Minor UI fixes.

1.10 — 11/05/23

  • Fix: Description Content update.
  • Fix: Minor UI fixes.

1.9 — 11/05/23

  • Fix: Description Content update.
  • Fix: Minor UI fixes.

1.8 — 03/04/23

  • Fix: Description Content update.
  • Fix: Minor UI fixes.

1.7 — 03/04/23

  • Fix: Description Content update.

1.6 — 03/04/23

  • Fix: Description Content update.

1.5 — 30/03/23

  • Fix: Description Content update.

1.4 — 30/03/23

  • Fix: Description Content update.

1.3 — 21/03/23

  • Fix: Description Content update.

1.2 — 21/03/23

  • Fix: Description Content update.

1.1 — 20/03/23

  • Fix: Description Content update.


  • The back-end view screenshot-1.png
  • The front-end view screenshot-2.png
  • The front-end view screenshot-3.png
  • The front-end view screenshot-4.png


  • In your WordPress Dashboard go to “Plugins” -> “Add Plugin”.
  • Search for “User Custom Discount”.
  • Install the plugin by clicking the “Install” button and activate it.
  • Go to the «Manage Customer Discount» in the left navigation menu.
  • Select user from the drop down.
  • Add / Remove rules as per requirement.
  • Select category / Sub category / products and set discount %
  • Once the user logins he will be able see the discount with deducted price.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Why would I need this plugin?

To set discount on whole store for a specific user / users.

Does this mess up, my arrangement family?

No. This plugin will only change the Regular/Sale price with discounted price.

How can I enable this Plug in?

Install and make this plugin active


Is it possible to set the same offers for multiple customers in my Birthday Cake Store using this Discount plugin? Also Can I apply this for specific user role or group, and is there a way to customize the discount amount or percentage for each individual user?» Please guide me i have already download and install your plugin in my Birthday Cake store!
12.05.2023 1 ответ
There is a small problem with the plugin, it does not appear as a discounted product, it says at normal price
I have installed this plugin on a couple of sites and it works well in both cases! Thank you for a such helpful solution! This plugin is really amazing! Didn’t have any problems with installation or configuration.
I found this plugin for discount functionality . It was easy to install . No clutter. Hope this will go well. lets watch.
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