User Location and IP


Use this «User Location and IP» plugin to display the real-time information about your visitor’s IP address, their location, country flag, etc in real-time by simply using the shortcodes in the WordPress posts and pages.

The plugin is simple to use and it provides you with various user informations which you can show on your website. Along with it, you can also use this plugin to get few more information about user such as User country, country flag, region, latitude, longitude, and ISP details.

Note: This plugin use the IP-API website to fetch users details.

Use these shortcodes to get User info;

[useriploc type=’ip’]
[useriploc type=’country’]
[useriploc type=’countryCode’]
[useriploc type=’region’]
[useriploc type=’city’]
[useriploc type=’lat’]
[useriploc type=’lon’]
[useriploc type=’timezone’]
[useriploc type=’isp’]
[useriploc type=’flag’ height=’auto’ width=’50px’]

For flag shortcode, the tag height and width are optional and the default value for height is auto; and width, it is 50px. You can pass any or both of these values to alter the size of flag as per your choice.

Features of User IP and Location

  • Quick to set up
  • Simple to insert shortcodes
  • Detect visitors IP, Location and ISP information
  • Useful to display user IP, country, country code, country flag using shortcodes.


This plugin is created by MyTechTalky team.

To learn more about WordPress, you can also visit MyTechTalky for tutorials on topics like:

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  • Screenshot Page "Add New Post" with Shortcode
  • Screenshot Page "Public Post" with User's Details.


You can search «User Location and IP» on the WordPress Add New Plugin page , or download the archive.

  1. To install this plugin, Login to your WordPress admin account
  2. Go to Plugins Page, and click on «Add New Plugin» button.
  3. Once you’re on the Plugin page, click on the «Upload Plugin» button
  4. Now Select the Plugin and Click on «Install Now»
  5. Your plugin is successfully installed. Now click on «Activate» button to activate the plugin.


[useriploc type='ip']
[useriploc type='country']
[useriploc type='countryCode']
[useriploc type='region']
[useriploc type='city']
[useriploc type='lat']
[useriploc type='lon']
[useriploc type='timezone']
[useriploc type='isp']
[useriploc type='flag' height='auto' width='50px']

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Can I use User Location and IP to Show User IP?

Yes, you can use the [useriploc type='ip'] shortcode to show the IP address of visitor.

Can I use User Location and IP to Show User Location?

Yes, you can easily add the above shortcodes to show the user location informations like User Country, Region, CountryCode, City, Lat & Long, country Flag and some other helpful information.


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