PostNord Delivery Checkout


The module makes it possible for your clients to choose which delivery option, they want to use. You decide which delivery options you would like to offer them and then the module takes care of the rest.


The module includes all PostNord delivery options, so you’re able to set it up on your webshop:

  • PostNord with delivery –> PostNord MyPack Home
  • PostNord to Pick up point– PostNord MyPack Collect
  • PostNord Mailbox delivery – PostNord Mailbox in Sweden
  • PostNord to Pick up point in Sweden –> PostNord Collect in Sweden
  • PostNord to Pick up point in Norway –> PostNord Collect in Norway
  • PostNord to Pick up point in Finland –> PostNord Collect in Finland
  • PostNord European shipments – PostNord MyPack Europe
  • PostNord International shipments – PostNord international Parcel

Above delivery options can easily be setup individually, depending on your wishes and needs.

Innovative and Practical

In addition to being convenient and easy for you as a webshop owner, the module comes with new innovations for you and your customers:

  • Flex delivery with the delivery option “with delivery”
  • Choose your own Pick up point (on the map) in all of Scandinavia
  • Graphic display of carrier
  • Prices differentiation based on price or weigh
  • Pacsoft integrated (add on purchase)


  • Frontend presentation of the pickup shipping method
  • Complete method settings.
  • Frontend presentation of the home delivery shipping method
  • Frontend presentation of the pickup shipping method
  • Frontend presentation of the commercial delivery shipping method


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the Settings->Plugin Name screen to configure the plugin
  4. (Make your instructions match the desired user flow for activating and installing your plugin. Include any steps that might be needed for explanatory purposes)


Its a little buggy. Sometimes it works, Sometimes its blank. Doesnt work with all the woocommerce customer location settings.
The plugin seems to be out dated. The instructions on developers website don't match the plugin. The plugin can not be translated, even the WP translation that is provided here, do not work. Really a weird plugin.
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