3D Product Viewer & WebAR for WooCommerce


The Viraview plugin allows your Woocommerce powered webshop to display your products in 3D & WebAR for PC, Android and Apple. Upload your 3D products in the easy-to-use Viraview portal and connect them to your product carrousel in a matter of seconds.

Basic Features

  1. Embed 3D product images in single product gallery.


For any bugs or problems you can contact Robin at robin@virakle.nl.

Installation 🔧

Automatic Installation

  • Go to your plugin browser inside your wordpress installation and search 3D Product Viewer & WebAR for WooCommerce by keyword. Then choose «3D Product Viewer & WebAR for WooCommerce» and click install. It will be installed shortly.
  • Activate the plugin from Plugins menu after installation

Manual Installation

  • Download the latest version and extract the folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • The plugin will appear as inactive in your Plugins menu
  • Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress

Setup and Configuration

Go to: Products > 3D Product Viewer
Tick the checkbox to configure a setting.
Save changes


For adding a 3d image to your product : open edit product page and select images from dropdown in general tab of products.


  • 3D Viewer


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