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Plugin’s documentation & sample (this documentation made with help of plugin «WDV One Page Docs»)

You can find a professional, redesigned version of the «WDV One Page Docs PRO» plugin with additional features here — Click Here.
ATTENTION! When switching to the professional version, all documents will need to be created anew!

Plugin for creating documents and faq. The WDV One Page Docs plugin is easy to use and works with any theme. This plugin is very convenient for creating not too much documentation for your product, when it is convenient to place the entire description on one page.
With this plugin you can make a one page document for every your items. You can show list of your documents for all your items on special page.
Elements are sorted in ascending order (ASC). Therefore, it is advisable to add the numbering of documents and it will be sorted.

On tab «Documents» you can add new document, add new section to document, add new article. You can edit every document, view document and delete.
All document are custom post type «wdvdocs» and you can see it how other custom post types in WordPress. You can find it by clicking on link «Classic way».

The following shortcodes are available:
— [wdvdocs] List with all documents (You can hide some documents if you want).
— [wdvdocs columns=’…’] List with all documents (You can change number of columns).
— [wdvdoc id=»…»] Documentation for one of your item.

First table
You can find shortcodes for every your document in in first table of plugin dashboard — ‘Shortcodes’. You can place shortcode on post or page and your visitors will see documentation for your item on this post or page.

Second table
If you want to make list of your documentation for all your items on special page — place shortcode [wdvdocs] on this page. That your users can use link «See details» — you must chooce (in second table) for every shortcode page or post there you placed it. Choose post or page in drop down list and press «Submit» to save it in data base. If you do not want to show any document in list — mark check box ‘Hide doc’.

You can place on any post or page shortcode [wdvdocs] — it will be post or page with lists of all your documents (you can hide some documents — mark check box ‘Hide doc’ in second table).
You can change number of columns on your page with list of your documentation. You must add for example shortcode [wdvdocs columns=’3′] on this page. And you will have 3 columns.

In table you can find shortcode for every your document. You can place shortcode on any post or page and your visitors will see all sections and articles related to one document on one page. If visitor will press button «Menu» — on left side will be shown list of sections and articles for this document.


  • «WDV One Page Docs» plugin dashboard — documents.
  • See documents by classic way.
  • «WDV One Page Docs» plugin dashboard — shortcodes.
  • List of your documentation for all your items on special page.
  • How look like page with one page document.
  • One page document with sidebar.
  • Add new document.
  • Edit, view, delete documents.
  • Add new section, add new article.
  • Edit document.
  • Choose post or page there you place your shortcode for one page document and save it.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/wdv-one-page-docs directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. In your WordPress administration, go to the Plugins page.
  3. Activate the ‘WDV One Page Docs’ plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.


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