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Website Toolbox allows you to easily add a Chat Room to your website without any coding or software headaches! The Website Toolbox Chat Room WordPress plugin is the easiest way to integrate a Website Toolbox Chat Room into your WordPress site.

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Plugin Features

  • Login Integration: Automatically logs the user into your Website Toolbox Chat Room when they login to your WordPress website.

  • Registration Integration: Automatically creates a Website Toolbox Chat Room user account when a user registers on your WordPress website.

  • Embedded Chat Room: The Website Toolbox Chat Room is automatically embedded into the layout of your WordPress website.

Key Chat Room Benefits

  • Instant Setup
  • Phone/Chat/Email Support
  • Дружит с мобильными устройствами
  • Публичное или приватное
  • Белый ярлык

Key Chat Room Features

  • Embeddable
  • Multiple Rooms
  • Личная переписка
  • Searchable Message Archive
  • Иконки Emoticons
  • Администраторы
  • Администраторы
  • Гостевые Пользователи

Learn More


WordPress Admin Panel

  1. Go to «Plugins» -> «Add New» from the left menu in the WordPress Admin Panel.
  2. Search for «Website Toolbox Chat Room»
  3. Activate the plugin.
  4. Create a Website Toolbox Chat Room if you don’t already have one.
  5. Click on the Settings link under the Website Toolbox Chat Room plugin.
  6. Enter your Website Toolbox account information.

Please contact Customer Support if you face any difficulties.

Manual Installation

  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Активируйте плагин используя меню ‘Плагины’ в WordPress
  4. Create a Website Toolbox Chat Room if you don’t already have one.
  5. Click on the Settings link under the Website Toolbox Chat Room plugin.
  6. Enter your Website Toolbox account information.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

I don’t allow registration on my WordPress site, can I still use the chat room?

Yes. If you don’t have registration enabled on your WordPress site, your users can register an account directly on the chat room. If you want users to be able to chat without registering, you can simply enable guest access on the chat room or you can disable the User Accounts feature entirely so users don’t even see the registration option.

What features are available?

The key features are listed here.

Is this a self-hosted chat room?

You install the plugin on your WordPress website, and the chat room is hosted by us at Website Toolbox. As your chat room grows, you won’t have to worry about buying and maintaining overloaded servers, databases, software, backup solutions, etc. We do all the work, so you can reap all the rewards. Our WordPress plugin also allows you to easily embed the chat room into a page of your WordPress website. This makes Website Toolbox completely invisible to your users!

How much does it cost?

Pricing information is available here.


Really easy to embed the chat room, integrates with my site’s log in process automatically, great design, and the best customer support! Thank you!
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Журнал изменений


  • Fixed issue: Show session already warning in WordPRess admin section as well as front end if session already start in any plugin.


  • Fixed issue: SSO is not working in case of another script tag or any IMG tag exists in the embed section where client using the embed code.


  • Changed remember me cookie time to match wordpress default of 15 days


  • Changed the location of the Settings link
  • Improved the design of the Embed check box
  • Linked the plugin author to our website


  • Uses a fallback SSO method for Safari
  • Automatically saves SSO and embed page settings