Product Size Charts Plugin for WooCommerce


Product Size Charts for WooCommerce allows you to assign readymade size chart templates to the product, category, and create custom size chart for any of your WooCommerce products.

You can also clone readymade size chart templates and create your own size charts and assign them to a category or specific products.

👉Boost customer confidence, increase sales and reduce returns by creating a comprehensive size chart by Product size charts plugin

Key Benefit for WooCommerce store owner

🔑 Reduced product returns due to the size based issues.
🔑 Size Chart reduces customers’ confusion regarding the size and fittings.
🔑 Customers can easily view the size chart before purchasing the products.
🔑 You will improve your site usability and user experience during the purchase

Why your online store needs a size chart

  • Average online apparel retailer store return rate of 28% and 80% of these returns are due to fitting issues
  • Sizing is frequently the No. 1 reason online shoppers in their decision to shop in-store versus online store


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💁 Key features Product Size Charts — Free Version

  • Create unlimited custom size charts
  • Choose from more than 10 readymade product size chart templates and assign to a product
  • Assign more than one size chart to the same product from product page edit page
  • Quick assign size chart by using the default template
  • Assign size chart to single or multiple products and categories.
  • Clone the readymade product size chart template and customize the size chart as per your needs.
  • Multiple size chart table Styles (Minimalistic, Classic, Modern, Default)
  • Display size chart as WooCommerce additional tab
  • Display size chart as a popup
  • Add/Edit multiple rows on the chart table as per your requirements.
  • Add custom Measurement in Size chart template
  • Enter formatted text and media into the description of your size charts
  • Enable or disable product size chart by draft and publish option
  • Create unlimited row and a column for the Size chart table

💁 Default size chart style

  • Minimalistic
  • Classic
  • Modern
  • Default

💁 Default Size chart Readymade Template

  • Women’s shoe size chart
  • Men’s shoe size chart
  • kids shoe size chart
  • Men’s T-Shirt size chart
  • Men’s Polo size chart
  • Men’s Shirts size chart
  • Men’s full sleeve shirt size chart
  • Men’s Waistcoats size chart
  • Men’s Jeans & Trousers size chart
  • Women T-shirt / Tops size chart
  • Women Jeans And Jeggings size chart
  • Adults women Skirt size chart
  • Women dress and jumpsuit size chart
  • Women coat and Blazers size chart
  • Women jackets and waistcoats size chart

📽 Demo: Product Size Charts Plugin for WooCommerce

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👉 Difference Between Lite and Pro version Product Size chart Plugin

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📣 PREMIUM: Product size charts Plugin for WooCommerce — UPGRADE TO PRO NOW

Need even more features? upgrade the premium plugin version to get all the advanced features.

  • All features of Free plugin
  • Pro — Set custom size label, select button position
  • Pro — Customize colors and style for size chart
  • Pro — Choose the size chart position of the popup button.
  • Pro — Set the popup button — Before the summary
  • Pro — Set the popup button — After/ Before add-to-cart
  • Pro — Set the popup button — After product meta.
  • Pro — Set colors, style, opening effects, position and layout for your popup
  • Pro — Add Custom CSS option
  • Pro — Easily Customize size chart layouts like table head font color, table row color, table head background color for your size charts

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  • Size Chart Template List/Preview/Clone
  • Size Chart Setting page.


  • Download the plugin
  • Upload the folder «woo-advanced-product-size-chart» to wp-content/plugins (or upload a zip through the WordPress admin)
  • Activate and enjoy!

Часто задаваемые вопросы

In which WordPress version this Plugin is compatible?

It is compatible from 3.8 to 5.4.1 WordPress version.

In which WooCommerce version this Plugin is compatible?

It is compatible for 4.1 and greater than WooCommerce plugin

Do you offer product size chart templates?

Yes, we provide a different type of product size chart template. you can quickly assign chart to product and category. It is easy to assign any product.

Can I clone an existing default size chart and edit its measurement?

Yes, you can clone ready-made size chart and edit product measurement as per your needs

Can I add more rows to the size chart?

Yes, you can add rows and columns as many as you required in the product size chart.

Can I customize my size chart based on certain parameters?

Yes, you can customize the size chart as per category and product, and across multiple categories and multiple products.

Can I assign a size chart to a category?

Yes, you can assign a size chart to single or multiple products and categories.

Can I set a size chart in Additional Tab or Modal Pop Up?

Yes, you can set default size chart and custom size chart as addition tab or Modal Pop up as per your requirement

Upgrade Notice

Automatic updates should work great for you. As always, though, we recommend backing up your site prior to making any updates just to be sure nothing goes wrong.


Is exactly what I needed, and when I had a problem the support responded within a short time, and they helped me solve it! Thank you Hitendra for patiently helping me!
Simple and beautiful to use. It is possible to customize each product or each category.
I can't thank enough to the developer of this Plugin, Works perfectly and the functionalities are exactly the one we required.
This is just wonderful - really straightforward - easy to adapt - fantastic tables. I changed the pictures in the tape example which is extremely easy to do because I wanted them to match my site and be higher res. I can't recommend it enough.
The plugin is good at what it claims to do and is also free so a great deal overall. Although would like to see a shortcode feature out of the box.
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2.0.5 — 30-09-2020

  • Compatible with WooCommerce 4.5.x
  • Compatible with WordPress 5.5.x

2.0.4 — 05-07-2020

  • Compatible with WooCommerce 4.1.x
  • Compatible with WordPress 5.4.x

2.0.3 – 12-03-2020

  • Fixed: Loading JS & CSS on every page issue

2.0.2 – 29-01-2020

  • Compatible with WooCommerce 3.9.x

2.0.1 – 19-11-2019

  • Compatible with WordPress 5.3.x
  • Compatible with WooCommerce 3.8.x
  • Fixed when you change default category slug issue

2.0 — 12-11-2019

  • Fix — Admin side size chart preview open then refresh page balck screen issue.
  • Fix — Public side size chart popup open when page refresh.
  • Fix — If number of product assing it just show 10 product issue fix.
  • Fix — Blank chart saved then popup issue fix.
  • New — Popup UI change.
  • New — Assign size chart in product using size chart and product page both place.
  • New — Search product and assign the chart functionality.
  • New — Assign product list with pagination.
  • New — Remove the checkbox for default chart.
  • New — Set chart title required.
  • New — Product size chart list remove and search size chart functionality added.
  • Compatible with Freemius

1.6.8 — 20-09-2019

  • Maintenance Releases

1.6.7 — 28.05.2019

  • Compatible with WordPress Version 5.2.x and WooCommerce version 3.6.x
  • minor bug fixing

1.6.6 — 02.04.2019

  • Product listing page «View» link hiding issue has been fixed.

1.6.5 — 26.03.2019

  • minor bug fixing

1.6.4 — 22.02.2019

  • minor bug fixing
  • Compatible with WordPress 5.1 and WooCommerce 3.4.x

1.6.3 — 30.11.2018

  • Update select2 js
  • Compatible with WordPress 4.9.x and WooCommerce 3.4.x

1.6.2 — 13.09.2018

  • Solve Chart image remove issue

1.6.1 — 07.06.2018

  • Compatible with WordPress 4.9.x and WooCommerce 3.4.x

1.6 — 28.05.2018

  • Normal Bug Fix
  • Check compatibility with WordPress 4.9.6

1.5 — 26.04.2018

  • Normal Bug Fix
  • Check compatibility with WordPress 4.9.5

1.4.1 — 23.11.2017

  • Fix: If black value then consider black row on sizechart.

1.4 — 12.06.2017

  • Size Chart Style Issue resolved.
  • Normal Bug Fix
  • Size Chart Product Tab Issue resolved.
  • Check compatibility with WordPress 4.8

1.3 — 25.05.2017

  • New Plugin Setting panel introduced
  • Normal Bug Fix

1.2 — 17.04.2017

  • Compatible with WooCommerce Version 3.0.x
  • Normal Bug Fix


  • Normal Bug Fix


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