AggrePay for WooCommerce


AggrePay Payment Gateway Plugin for WooCommerce.

AggrePay allows you to accept payments through Credit cards, International Credit and Debit Cards, Domestic Debit cards, Net-Banking, Wallet, and UPI payments with the WooCommerce plugin. EMI Option available on Request.

This WooCommerce Payment Option is latest tested on WooCommerce 4.4.1 and is backward compatible until WooCommerce 2.4 Release.


  1. WordPress v5.2 and later
  2. Woocommerce v4.0.0 and later
  3. PHP v5.6.0 and later
  4. php-curl


For Instant Support — FB Messenger.

For More Details — AggrePay Website.


The AggrePay WooCommerce plugin is released under the GPLv2 license, same as that
of WordPress. See the LICENSE file for the complete LICENSE text.


  1. Install WooCommerce from the WordPress Plugin Directory and Activate the Plugin.
  2. Setup WooCommerce
  3. Install the plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory and Activate the Plugin.
  4. Open — WooCommerce Settings — Payments — AggrePay -Click on Setup.
  5. Click on Enable AggrePay Payments Module.
  6. Enter the Description which you like or it will stay as default.
  7. If you want to perform test transactions through a dummy bank switch the Gateway Mode to «TEST».
  8. Enter API & SALT Key into the given TextBox.
  9. Please do not change the Payment URL.
  10. Customize Your Success Page / Return Page.
  11. Click on Save Changes and You can see the
  12. To use this plugin correctly, you need to be able to make network requests. Please make sure that you have the php-curl extension installed.
  13. ** To Recieve AggrePay API & Salt Key, Please Register.


AggrePay Onboarding Process was very easy for me since I had KYC ready. Onboarding Process Finished within 2 Hours and I was live with my WooCommerce Site
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Журнал изменений


  • Changed the Name of the Plugin to AggrePay for WooCommerce — v2
  • Tested Compatibility with WooCommerce Version 4.4.1
  • Tested Compatibility with WordPress Version 5.5


  • Minor Tweaks in Code.


  • Updated Installation Steps.
  • AggrePay Plugin Description Edited.
  • Added the Icon for the Plugin.
  • Placeholder Text Edited in index.php file.


  • First Revision of the Plugin — Just a Test.


  • Initial Release.