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A custom field is important in collecting to get further data from the customers before they complete an order. I have also explained how you dynamically customize additional fields such as Add, Edit and delete custom checkout fields and send custom fields data along with order. Also we provide 12+ basic field types of WooCommerce Checkout Fields Editor.

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Free Version Features

  • Add or Edit custom field(s). Add custom fields to the WooCommerce checkout page is very easy now. You can add custom field(s) in WooCommerce Checkout Form including billing, shipping & additional fields section, Also you can add custom fields to Account Form. New Field option contains Field label, placeholder, max lengh, validations of fields like if email or number etc.
  • Following Field types are available
    • Text Input
    • Password
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Select
    • Textarea
    • Radio
  • Display in Order Page or in Email. You can choose whether you want to show in Order Details page or in Email by Check the checkbox this checkbox available in both add new field form and edit field form
  • Hide or Remove Fields. remove custom fields also you can hide Core — default WooCommerce fields from checkout page, order pages, or emails.
  • Enable / Disable Fields. You can enable/disable all fields using this options
    you can hide fields temporarily from display on checkout page
  • Change WooCommerce Checkout Fields Order. You can easily rearrange the display order of fields by just holding drang n drop icon from admin side on plugin page.
  • Reset Fields to defaults You can reset back all your changes back to the original WooCommerce fields when you’ve gone a little overboard with your customizing.

Premium Version

Live Demo – Front End
Live Demo – Back End

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If you are magically want to add woocommerce custom checkout fields editor, you are at the
right place. WooCommerce Checkout & Register Fields Editor plugin provides you an easy way to customize more than 17 different fields type. Your fields displayed on WooCommerce
checkout page. This plugin requires WooCommerce to be installed, activated, and configured
your custom fields as per your requirements. In woocommerce checkout fields editor a list of different 15 types of input fileds you can put on your woocommerce custom form and also 2 extra fields are added on your form heading and label.

Premium Version Options

Following Field types are available:
1. Text – A basic text input field.
2. Hidden – A hidden field.
3. Password – An input password text box.
4. Telephone – An input tel field.
5. Email – An input email field.
6. Number – An input number field.
7. Textarea – A textarea field.
8. Radio – Radio button input (for selecting one of many choices)
9. Checkbox – A checkbox field.
10. Checkbox Group – A group of checkboxes (allows multiple selections from many choices).
11. Select – A drop-down list (for selecting one of many choices)
12. Multi-select – A drop-down list (allows multiple selections from many choices)
13. Date picker – Select a date from a popup.
14. Time picker – Select a time from a popup.
15. File Upload – A file upload field.
16. Heading – Display a heading/ title
17. Label – Display a label/ text
Conditional Fields: Conditionally display fields & sections based on cart items and other field(s) values.
Custom Validations: Custom validator feature can be used to define custom validation rules using RegEx.
Price Fields: Add an extra cost to the cart total based on field selection.
Add new section: Add new section(s) in predefined positions in checkout page.
Available positions:
1. Before customer details
2. After customer details
3. Before billing form
4. After billing form
5. Before shipping form
6. After shipping form
7. Before registration form
8. After registration form
9. Before order notes
10. After order notes
11. Before terms & conditions
12. After terms & conditions
13. Before submit button
14. After submit button
Edit section(s) properties: Edit custom added section(s) label and display position.
Delete section(s): Delete custom added section(s).

Play the Video to See Plugin in Action

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  • Dashboard page for add new custom field
  • Dashboard plugin settings
  • How your fields will look on front end


  1. From the Dashboard:
  2. Plugins
  3. Add New
  4. Install Now
  5. Activate
  6. Go to Dashboard:-> WooCommerce -> Checkout & Register Editor


Can't edit City / State, many plugin Can edit city field, but this one can't. And in the demo, they removed the filed,
This plugin did exactly what I needed it to do. There was an issue with the empty fields populating with code so I opened a support ticket and received a quick response. After a bit of back-and-forth, everything was corrected and it's now working perfectly! I recommend this plugin.
I saw a lot of unresolved Support topics on here, but then I noticed that there's a Contact Us link within the plugin description, and there's also a menu item in the plugin to "Contact Us", so that's what I did. The contact form asks for admin access, which I gave. I got an email the next morning that the problem I was encountering was fixed and the thing I was trying to do was already done for me. A+ If you have issues, just make sure to contact them through the plugin on your site rather than through the support forum here. Or if the issue is preventing you from being able to use the Contact Us form in the plugin within your site, follow the Contact Us link in the Plugin's Description.
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