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After 4 days purchasing this plugin for 150,00€ I received no support at all, no instructions, nothing. I gave my credentials for admin access so that they could setup the installation and install the API and nothing was done. The plugin is useless. I request the full refund of this purchase.
I have a simple but unique requirement of a horizontal filter and this plugin helped me achieve that really quickly.
04.05.2020 1 ответ
I'm sure this plugin does what it says, but the user interface is very unintuitive and difficult to use. It absolutely needs proper user instructions! For example, the basic installation instructions were absolutely no help at all: "- Search for “Woo Custom Filter Widget”, Install & Activate it - Now configure Woo custom filter widget" <-- it doesn't even say where to go for the settings. I have a very long admin dashboard menu, so I had to do a search on "filter" to find the settings option -- it was right near the bottom of the page, called "Custom Filters". Another example of insufficient documentation: Under shortcode filter, there is a required field called "Name". If I leave it empty, the error alert says "Name field is required!" Under the Name input box, the hint says "a unique name to form parent-child relationship". I have no idea what that means in regards to this plugin even though I do know what a parent-child relationship is in a relational database. At this point, I think many people would quit, but anyways, I kept going and entered a two-word name that describes my product type, clicked save, and then generated the shortcode (which is a very long shortcode by the way), placed the shortcode into a test page, then saved, viewed page and got this.... "Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method WOO_CUSTOME_FILTER_Widget::input_dropdown()" ...and my test page's layout changed to a bizarre layout. So I give up. The plugin (from instructions to settings page) looks unfinished and unprofessional, not to mention the error. Please don't ask me to send you any information about the error. That is not my purpose of writing this review. Please be more considerate of the end user and add proper documentation and better hints. Then, they might be more willing to help with any necessary debugging.
Does what it says it does. Couldn't find a plugin that could effectively add a chain taxonomy filter to my specifications, until I got this one.
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