Woocommerce — Recent Purchases


Plugin Woocommerce Recent Purchases is designed to show the last purchases that were made with the help of Woocommerce Plugin.
This Plugin outputs the list of the last purchases with the predefined users’ settings.


You can see Recent Purchases on sidebar on this page

In the notification about the purchase you can specify:

  • customer surname;
  • customer name;
  • product name that was purchased;
  • purchase price
  • purchase time

Main features

  • lists through shortcode;
  • lists through widget;
  • custom settings of notification;
  • outputs the preview with a link to the product;
  • outputs the customer avatar.

This Plugin is able to show the real purchase activity on the site, thereby creating the effect of demand for products. Together with Herd Effect this effect increases in several times.

Other plugins that can be helpful in sales promotion:

Wish you good sales!


  • List of Downloads with image
  • List of Downloads with avatar
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