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I tried using the plugin using the monthly payment basis. I found out that it does what it promises to do. Very useful for our ecommerce site. I have now purchased the plugin with one time payment for my client. Customer service is excellent too. The support answers my emails right away. Very helpful and professional. 5 stars!
I purchased the Premium version of this plugin and never received my activation code. I purchased it 3 weeks ago and have sent a half dozen contact attempts through Email, Facebook, and their web site’s contact form and still have not had a single response. This company just took my money and gave nothing back. EDIT: It seems that the emails were simply never delivered to me. The company has contacted me after this initial post and I very much appreciate the repair of the situation that occurred. I’d like to acknowledge that the initial review was due to the lack of product after paying not with the product itself, The importer is actually a phenomenal plugin overall. Thank you. I have revised my rating.
I own an eBay store, i wad looking for an eady tool that allow me to import m'y listing from eBay to woocommerce. This plugin does everything It isnjust fantastic To bé honest thé guys are Also cool ans helpful
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