Call for Price for WooCommerce


Call for Price for WooCommerce plugin extends WooCommerce by outputting «Call for Price» when price field for product is left empty. You can additionally change the default add to cart button text or hide button completely for products with empty price.

Поддержка всех типов товаров:

  • Простые и пользовательские товары
  • Вариативные товары (и варианты)
  • Товары в группе
  • Внешние товары

Supported views:

  • Страница товара
  • Похожие товары
  • Домашняя страница
  • Страницы (например, шорткоды)
  • Архивы (категории товаров)

Вы также можете опционально применить «Цена по запросу» для:

  • Все товары вашего магазина
  • «Out of stock» products (Pro version only)
  • По таксономии товара (категории и/или метки)
  • По цене товара

Call for Price for WooCommerce Pro version also allows you to set «call for price» labels on per product basis.

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Обратная связь

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  • Отсутствующая цена заменяется на "Цена по запросу"


  1. Загрузите плагин в каталог «/wp-content/plugins/».
  2. Активируйте плагин через меню «Плагины» в меню WordPress.
  3. Все пустые цены будет автоматически заменены на «Цена по запросу».

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Могу ли я указать, где должен отображаться текст «Цена по запросу»?

Да, в «WooCommerce> Settings > Call for Price» вы можете указать, хотите ли вы, чтобы текст отображался на странице товара, странице архива товаров, связанных продуктах и/или домашней странице.


07.03.2022 1 ответ
Posso capire che non devo aspettare caratteristiche PRO da un plugin gratis ma almeno che funzione senza rompere il tuo eCommerce. Dopo la sua installazione tutti i prodotti con variazione mandavano in crash il mio eCommerce. Sconsigliato il suo utilizzo almeno fino a quando non aggiornino il plugin
25.08.2021 4 ответа
Was working fine until I updated to wp 5.8 Categories stopped working for some products and my 'product search' that I have activating in function.php stopped working for variable products. I guess I need to learn to wait with my updates my bad had an issue with another plugin.
The plugin is completely useless unless you have an English language site. For everybody else on the planet you have to pay to change the text. Would have been nice if this had been mentioned on the plugin page.
Says not tested to this version of WooCommerce. But I tested it and it works. If it does not work, it might be your theme.
Thank you for your precious help ! Please consider making dynamic strings translatable with WPML in the Pro version, it would be perfect 🙂
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Журнал изменений

3.6.0 — 04/07/2023

  • Enhancement — Added deactivation survey in the plugin.
  • Tweak — Added compatibility with PHP 8.0 and PHP 8.2
  • Fix — The Call for Price text is not displayed with zero priced products when ‘Per Product’ taxonomy is enabled.

3.5.0 — 29/11/2022

  • Enhancement — Introduced compatibility with WooCommerce High Performance Order Storage.

3.4.0 — 26/07/2022

  • Fix — An error is coming on the variable product with the WooCommerce Stripe Gateway plugin as active.
  • Fix — PHP warnings errors in the log.

3.3.1 — 02/11/2021

  • Enhancement — Able to change the Call for Price text coming on the products page from the general settings.
  • Enhancement — Able to change the text for Read more button coming on the Shop page for the products having null or 0 prices.

3.3.0 — 27/04/2021

  • Enhancement — Added an option under global setting to also show Call for price text for zero priced products in addition to empty priced products.
  • Enhancement — Added a setting to show the stock status for zero priced products.

3.2.8 — 20/03/2020

  • Update compatibility with WooCommerce 4.0.0.

3.2.7 — 21/08/2019

  • Changes in code to make the plugin compliant as per WPCS rules.

3.2.6 — 12/04/2019

  • Fix — Options were not getting deleted from the database when the plugin is being uninstalled. This is fixed now.

3.2.5 — 16/11/2018

  • Author name and URL’s updated due to handover of the plugins.

3.2.4 — 31/10/2018

  • Протестирован на совместимость с WooCommerce 3.5.0

3.2.3 — 18/10/2018

  • Feature — Advanced Options — «Main variable price» option added.
  • Feature — Advanced Options — «Force variation price» option added.
  • Dev — Admin settings restyled («Advanced Options» section added).

3.2.2 — 13/08/2018

  • Feature — General Options — «Hide button» option added.
  • Dev — Admin settings restyled («Button Options» section added).
  • Dev — Settings array is saved as main class property.

3.2.1 — 07/07/2018

  • Feature — Force Products «Call for Price» — «By product price» options added.
  • Dev — General Settings — Minor code refactoring.
  • Dev — Product Types Sections Settings — Minor restyling.

3.2.0 — 20/06/2018

  • Feature — «Button text» options added.
  • Feature — «Make products Call for Price per product taxonomy» (category, tag) options added.
  • Feature — «Make all Out of stock products Call for Price» option added.
  • Dev — Minor code refactoring.
  • Dev — Admin settings restyled.
  • Dev — Admin settings — «Documentation» button added.

3.1.1 — 10/06/2018

  • Feature — «Per Product» labels options added.
  • Dev — «WC tested up to» added to plugin header.
  • Dev — Plugin homepage link updated.

3.1.0 — 26/04/2017

  • Dev — WooCommerce v3.x.x compatibility — woocommerce_product_get_price, woocommerce_product_variation_get_price, woocommerce_variation_empty_price_html, _product_id.
  • Dev — woocommerce_get_variation_prices_hash added.
  • Dev — Admin — «Reset Section Settings» option added.
  • Dev — Admin — Variations «price required» placeholder hidden.
  • Dev — Admin — alg_wc_call_for_price_textarea.
  • Tweak — Code refactoring.
  • Tweak — link changed to

3.0.3 — 21/12/2016

  • Feature — General — Make All Products «Call for Price» — option added.

3.0.2 — 15/12/2016

  • Fix — handle_deprecated_options() fixed. This produced notice on plugin activation.

3.0.1 — 14/12/2016

  • Tweak — readme.txt updated.

3.0.0 — 08/12/2016

  • Feature — Variable (and variation) and grouped products support added.
  • Dev — is_page check added.
  • Dev — Multisite support added.
  • Dev — Translation (POT) file added.
  • Dev — Version system added.
  • Dev — Major code refactoring.
  • Tweak — Author added.
  • Tweak — Plugin renamed.

2.0.1 — 08/08/2015

  • Dev — Solaris theme compatibility added.

2.0.0 — 28/07/2015

  • Dev — Option to hide/show sale tag added.
  • Dev — Option to set specific «call for price» text for related products added.
  • Dev — Options to set specific «call for price» text for single, category and homepage added (instead of checkboxes).
  • Dev — Major code refactoring. Settings are moved to «WooCommerce > Settings > Call for Price».


  • Sale icon removed.


  • Initial Release.