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WooCommerce Checkout Manager is the best checkout form customizer and editor for WooCommerce. This plugin allows you to delete, change and re-order the WooCommerce checkout fields and create more than 20 custom fields inside the billing or shipping checkout forms.


Checkout Field Manager (Checkout Manager) for WooCommerce allows you to include custom fields to the checkout page, related to billing, Shipping or Additional fields sections.

Our plugin allows to reorder, remove or change the field type of the WooCommerce core fields. You can choose between this field types: Text, Textarea, Password, Radio, Checkbox, Select, Country, State, Multiselect, Multicheckbox, Heading, Colorpicker, File uploader.

WooCommerce Checkout Fields

The field types supported to include in the checkout are:

*   Heading
*   Email
*   Phone
*   Message
*   Button
*   Text
*   Textarea
*   Password
*   Select
*   Radio
*   Checkbox
*   Timepicker
*   Datepicker
*   Number
*   Country
*   State
*   Multiselect
*   Multicheckbox
*   Colorpicker
*   File Upload<h3>Formerly WooCommerce Checkout Manager</h3>

This plugin was formerly known as «WooCommerce Checkout Manager». WordPress forced us on November 8, 2019 to change the name of the plugin due to use of the «WooCommerce» word in the name. We apologize for the problems that the downtime may have caused to you.

WooCommerce Checkout Fields

Checkout Field Manager (Checkout Manager) for WooCommerce allows you to include custom fields to the checkout page, related to billing, Shipping or Additional fields sections.

Our plugin allows to reorder, remove or change the field type of the WooCommerce core or custom fields.

  • Re-order fields.
  • Rename and higlight.
  • Hide or extend Checkout fields within the Billing, Shipping and Additional sections.

WooCommerce Checkout Conditional Fields

Checkout Field Manager (Checkout Manager) for WooCommerce supports conditional checkout fields allowing you to show/hide the fields based on any value of its parent fields.

Our system detects the parent field type and allows you to select the value based on the available options.

WooCommerce Checkout Upload Files

You can include an unlimited number of files from different types into fields. Then offer the user an option to display the uploaded files in order. The user will be allowed to upload or delete fields through the order page.

WooCommerce Checkout Process

Checkout Field Manager (Checkout Manager) for WooCommerce allows you to customize the checkout process, including or reducing order’s fields collected. Our plugin is able to consider your billing data inside checkout page, and recovers all data required by your company process.

Force to include shipping address

This option allows you to remove the toggle checkbox to display the shipping fields. Shipping fields will be always displayed, and the user is forced to complete them.

Force to create an account

This option allows you to remove/include, the account creation during the purchase process. If selected, the account will be always created with the email defined by the user in the billing fields.

Remove order notes

This option allows you to remove the order notes in the checkout form.

Add message before checkout

This option allows you to include a custom message before or after the checkout form. This works as engagement action message to grateful your customers.

WooCommerce Checkout Manager Premium

The premium version of Checkout Field Manager (Checkout Manager) plugin offer you a wide range of extra features that allows a full controll of the checkout fields.

  • Filter checkout fields based on cart sub total
  • Display/Hide checkbox fields in account, checkout, orders, emails or invoices
  • Add price to the checkout total based in checkout field value
  • Display checkout fields in orders admin table list and allow sort and filter
  • Woocommerce Cart and Checkout on same page
  • Woocommerce Upload File


  • Customize shipping fields, create account, order notes and include custom message in checkout page.

  • Customize or add additional fields to your checkout billing fields.

  • Customize or add additional fields to your checkout shipping fields.

  • Include additional fields to your checkout page.

  • Allow users to upload images in their orders.

  • Include select and radio fields and select default option.

  • Include multiselect and multicheckbox fields and select defaults options.

  • Set conditional relationships easily based on the parent value or parent options.

  • Show or hide fields based on the products selected in the cart.

  • Handle uploaded files in order admin dashboard.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

How to add checkout fields?

Adding fields to checkout page

How to remove core checkout fields?

Removing checkout core fields

How to change default fields order?

Reorder checkout fields

How to change additional fields position?

Change additional fields position

How do I add conditional checkout fields?

Adding conditional checkout fields

How do I review the Order data from the custom fields?

Your Order data can be reviewed in each order within the default WooCommerce Order Data box of the WooCommerce > Edit Order screen within the WordPress Administration. Custom fields are separated by Billing, Shipping and Additional sections.


13.05.2024 2 ответа
First off, the plugin is cool and allows you to add a lot of different types of questions and fields to the Checkout process. It also allows you to easily hide sections you don’t need.However, unless you just simply need to hide one of WooCommerce’s default fields, the free version of this plugin isn’t very valuable.We needed to add two simple questions to a checkout form and we were easily able to do that. The only issue we had was the form could not be submitted if a text field was «required» even if the text field was completed. Even when setting a minimum of 3 characters, the order couldn’t be submitted until we marked the field as not required.The issue we discovered is that unless you have the paid version, you CANNOT see the info you’ve added to the checkout in the Admin. Which defeats the purpose of having the plugin for the additional questions. We did hide one section of the default WooCommerce form, but that could also be done with CSS. So, we are going to look at another plugin because it doesn’t make sense to pay for one or two fields for this particular business. Otherwise, we’ll set up a redirect on submission to go to a form to gather these questions.Other than that, the plugin was easy to use and set up. The developers did a great job. It just defeats the purpose for us to use it since we can’t see the info we are asking our customers to provide. It’d be cool if 3-5 fields were displayed on the Admin order details with the free plan, but oh well.
04.05.2024 2 ответа
Works perfectly smooth, thanks
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Журнал изменений

= 7.4.8
* WooCommerce compatibility

= 7.4.7
* Fix: Checkout radio files

= 7.4.5
* Fix: i18n strings

= 7.4.4
* Fix: Checkout conditional fields
* Fix: WPML compatibility

= 7.4.3
* Fix: PHP errors

= 7.4.2
* Fix: PHP errors

= 7.4.1
* Fix: Conditional fields fees

= 7.4.0
* Fix: WooCommerce HPOS compatibility

= 7.3.1
* Fix security issues on checkour and order image upload

= 7.3.0
* Fix checkout state field conditional

= 7.2.9
* Fix nested conditional fields

= 7.2.8
* WooCommerce compatibility

= 7.2.7
* Fix regex validation

= 7.2.6
* Update readme.txt

= 7.2.5
* Update portfolio link

= 7.2.4
* WooCommerce compatibility

= 7.2.3
* WooCommerce compatibility
* WordPress compatibility

= 7.2.2
* Fix: WooCommerce checkout manager premium compatibility
* Fix: WooCommerce checkout duplicated additional fields alerts

= 7.2.1
* Fix: WooCommerce checkout fields modal

= 7.2.0
* Fix: WooCommerce compatibility
* New: WooCommerce checkout field user meta
* New: WooCommerce checkout field autocomplete

= 7.1.9
* Fix: WooCommerce checkout fields autocomplete
* Fix: WooCommerce checkout fields user meta

= 7.1.8
* New: WooCommerce HPOS compatibility
* New: WooCommerce COT compatibility

= 7.1.6
* Fix: Multicheckbox and multiradio fields

= 7.1.5
* Fix: WooCommerce compatibility

= 7.1.4
* Fix: WooCommerce compatibility

= 7.1.3
* Fix: Address 2 checkout field label
* Fix: Remove admin order values
* Fix: Default options in multicheckbox, select, radio fields

= 7.1.2
* Fix: WooCommerce Paypal Payments compatibility

= 7.1.1
* Fix: WordPress compatibility

= 7.1.0
* Fix: Minlengh for input text fields

= 7.0.9
* Fix: Hide empty order extra fields

= 7.0.8
* Fix: Composer packages update

= 7.0.7
* Fix: Composer packages update

= 7.0.6
* Fix: Language package update

= 7.0.5
* Fix: Composer packages update


  • Fix: Fix Call to a member function get_cart_contents() on null

= 7.0.3
* Fix: WooCommerce Paypal Payments compatibility

= 7.0.2
* Fix: WOOCCM function compatibility

= 7.0.1
* Fix: WOOCCM function compatibility

= 7.0.0
* Refactor

= 6.4.2
* Fix. WooCommerce Compatibility

= 6.4.1
* Fix. State field type disabled
* Fix. State field select when country field is disabled

= 6.4.0
* New. Settings link

= 6.3.9
* New. Settings link

= 6.3.8
* New. Regex validation for premium version

= 6.3.7
* Fix. WooCommerce order video upload
* Fix. WooCommerce order upload
* New. WooCommerce order uploaded files icons

= 6.3.6
* Fix. Premium Compatibility

= 6.3.5
* Fix. WordPress Compatibility

= 6.3.4
* Fix. WooCommerce Checkout Email default fields

= 6.3.3
* Fix. WooCommerce Compatibility

= 6.3.2
* Fix. WooCommerce Account fields
* Fix. WooCommerce default billing & shipping fields

= 6.3.1
* Fix. WooCommerce Account fields
* Fix. WooCommerce Checkout conditional field prices

= 6.2.8
* Fix. WooCommerce Checkout alert removed

= 6.2.7
* Fix. Elementor checkout upload

= 6.2.6
* Fix. WooCommerce compatibility

= 6.2.4
* Fix. WPML compatibility
* Fix. Polylang compatibility

= 6.2.3
* Fix. PHP erros

= 6.2.2
* Fix. PHP erros

= 6.2.1
* Fix. PHP erros

= 6.2.0
* Fix. PHP erros

= 6.1.9
* Fix. WooCommerce Checkout WPML compatibility
* Fix. WooCommerce Checkout Polylang compatibility

= 6.1.8
* Fix. WooCommerce 6.8 compatibility

= 6.1.7
* Fix. WooCommerce Account fields remove

= 6.1.6
* Fix. WooCommerce Account fields

= 6.1.5
* Fix. WPML compatibility

= 6.1.4
* Fix. string translations

= 6.1.3
* Fix. WooCommerce Checkout fields filters
* Fix. WooCommerce Checkout force shipping address checkbox

= 6.1.2
* Fix. WooCommerce Checkout force shipping address checkbox

= 6.1.1
* Fix. PHP erros

= 6.1.0
* Fix. WooCommerce Checkout force shipping address
* Fix. WooCommerce Checkout WPML compatibility
* New. WooCommerce Checkout Polylang compatibility

= 6.0.9
* Fix. WooCommerce Checkout required fields save

= 6.0.8
* Fix. WooCommerce Checkout force shipping address checkbox

* Fix. WooCommerce Checkout conditional fields

* Fix. WooCommerce Checkout conditional fields

* Fix. WooCommerce Checkout conditional fields

* Fix. WooCommerce Checkout billing fields

* Fix. WooCommerce Checkout remove fields

* Fix. WooCommerce Checkout email settings save
* Fix: WooCommerce Checkout Datepicker placeholder
* Fix: WooCommerce Checkout Address field conditional hidden

= 6.0.7
* Fix. WooCommerce billing & shipping filters order to allow third party plugins hooks checkout fields

= 6.0.6
* New. QuadLayers dashboard widget


  • Fix: WooCommerce compatibility


  • Fix: First choice in checkout select conditional fields


  • Fix: Fix Call to a member function get_cart_contents() on null


  • Fix: Values changed to keys in select, multiselect, checkbox, multicheckbox, radio


  • Fix: Default show aditional checkout fields in order


  • Fix: WooCommerce compatibility


  • Fix: Escaping output functions


  • Fix: Escaping output functions


  • Fix: WooCommerce upload files checkout


  • Fix: WooCommerce compatibility


  • Fix: WordPress compatibility


  • Fix: WordPress compatibility


  • Fix: WooCommerce compatibility


  • Fix: WooCommerce compatibility


  • Fix: WooCommerce compatibility


  • Fix: WordPress compatibility


  • Fix. QuadLayers widget cache


  • Fix: WordPress compatibility


  • Fix: WordPress compatibility


  • New. Telegram add to suggestions tab


  • Fix. php error


  • New. QuadLayers dashboard widget


  • Fix: WordPress compatibility


  • Fix: order received upload files


  • Fix: php error


  • Fix: WooCommerce compatibility


  • Fix: address fields trigger shipping total change
  • Fix: make sure guest users include their email in order to download products


  • Fix: country label


  • Fix: shipping address forced label click disabled


  • Fix: WooCommerce compatibility


  • Fix: select options order
  • Fix: woocommerce modal field filter


  • Fix: php error


  • Fix: php error


  • Fix: save button


  • Fix: woocommerce phone field type


  • Fix: woocommerce email field type


  • Fix: woocommerce required shipping fields


  • Fix: woocommerce date field
  • Fix: woocommerce filter by products field


  • Fix: conditional checkbox


  • Fix: conditional of conditional


  • Fix: conditional multicheckbox
  • Fix: conditional radio


  • Fix: conditional of conditional


  • Fix: conditional of conditional


  • Fix: file upload


  • Fix: premium compatibility


  • Fix: premium compatibility
  • Fix: datepicker remove all days


  • Fix: WordPress 5.5 compatibility


  • Fix: php errors


  • Fix: premium compatibility


  • Fix: premium compatibility


  • Fix: undefined getDay


  • New: text field maxlength
  • New: textarea field maxlength


  • Fix: date picker documentation


  • Fix: php error


  • Fix: php error


  • Fix: billing & shipping duplicated in order
  • Fix: php compatibility


  • Fix: woocommerce checkout manager edit billing & shipping


  • Improvement: woocommerce checkout manager
  • Improvement: woocommerce checkout number field type


  • Fix: woocommerce account conditional fields


  • Fix: woocommerce order meta


  • Fix: woocommerce checkout datepicker required


  • Fix: woocommerce checkout checkbox required


  • Improvement: woocommerce checkout manager time field
  • Fix: woocommerce checkout manager date field


  • Fix: woocommerce checkout manager suggestions


  • Fix: woocommerce checkout conditional fields


  • Fix: woocommerce checkout multiselect default values
  • Fix: woocommerce checkout multicheckbox default values
  • Fix: woocommerce checkout checkbox default values


  • Fix: woocommerce checkout manager premium compatibility


  • Fix: woocommerce checkout account


  • Fix: woocommerce checkout fields filter by category
  • Fix: woocommerce checkout state field required
  • Fix: woocommerce checkout state required hidden


  • Fix: woocommerce checkout order fields before country switch


  • Fix: woocommerce checkout filter by category


  • Fix: woocommerce checkout upload


  • Fix: woocommerce sortable fields


  • Fix: small CSS issues


  • Fix: woocommerce checkout fees


  • Fix: remove woocommerce checkout order notes


  • Fix: woocommerce variation swatches compatibility


  • Fix: woocommerce checkout manager required fields space


  • Fix: woocommerce checkout manager conditional field


  • Fix: woocommerce checkout manager modal tab
  • New: woocommerce checkout manager field description


  • Fix: bad spelling
  • Fix: woocommerce checkout manager modal open


  • Fix: woocommerce checkout manager conditional fields
  • Fix: woocommerce checkout manager modal prev and next button


  • Fix: woocommerce checkout manager i18n


  • Fix: woocommerce checkout reorder field options


  • Fix: woocommerce checkout datepicker field disabled days
  • Fix: woocommerce checkout datepicker label scape quotes
  • Fix: woocommerce checkout datepicker limit option


  • Fix: small CSS issues


  • Fix: small CSS issues


  • Fix: datepicker


  • Fix: select2


  • Fix: undefined format_date


  • Fix: WordPress 5.3.0 compatibility


  • Improvement: date & time fields


  • Fix: select2
  • Fix: reorder fields


  • Fix: suggestions plugins update


  • Fix: save field settings


  • Fix: fix wpml compatibility


  • Fix: fix wpml compatibility


  • Fix: premium compatibility


  • Fix: premium compatibility


  • Fix: premium compatibility
  • Fix: duplicated names after reorder
  • Fix: order fields by id after reorder
  • Fix: missing order on modal change
  • Fix: saved names in the multicheckbox
  • Fix: conditional parent multicheckbox
  • Improvement: colorpicker behaviour
  • Improvement: select for checkbox status in admin modal


  • Fix: upload files in additional fields


  • Fix: small CSS issues
  • Fix: woocommerce checkout manager upload files in admin panel


  • Fix: save additional fields position
  • Fix: required notice on first select option


  • Fix: select field placeholder
  • Fix: missing additional fields saved data
  • Fix: missing additional fields saved data array
  • Fix: saved additional fields option value


  • Improvement: woocommerce checkout manager admin panel rebuilt
  • Improvement: woocommerce checkout manager field conditional rebuilt
  • Improvement: woocommerce checkout manager field options rebuilt
  • Fix: woocommerce multicheckbox default value


  • Fix: woocommerce default label and placeholder i18n


  • Fix: woocommerce settings page permissions


  • Fix: woocommerce default phone and email missing
  • Improvement: woocommerce checkout options panel
  • Improvement: woocommerce order options panel
  • Improvement: woocommerce advanced options panel


  • Improvement: woocommerce order fields rebuilt
  • Fix: woocommerce conditional fields required


  • Fix: woocommerce checkout new admin panel reset option


  • Fix: undefined index


  • Fix: woocommerce first additional field delete in admin
  • Fix: woocommerce billing field disable
  • Fix: woocommerce shipping field disable
  • Fix: woocommerce additional field disable


  • Improvement: new woocommerce checkout billing fields admin panel
  • Improvement: new woocommerce checkout shipping fields admin panel
  • Improvement: new woocommerce checkout additional fields admin panel
  • Fix: woocommerce checkout conditional fields


  • Improvement: unnecessary files removed
  • Improvement: woocommerce checkout address fields required
  • Improvement: woocommerce checkout address fields names


  • Improvement: backward compatibility with new panel


  • Improvement: woocommerce checkout conditional fields rebuilt


  • Fix: woocommerce checkout undefined class
  • Improvement: woocommerce checkout color field rebuilt
  • Improvement: removed unnecessary scripts


  • Improvement: woocommerce checkout conditional fields rebuilt


  • Fix: small CSS changes
  • Fix: security issue related with upload files types
  • Improvement: woocommerce checkout upload rebuilt


  • Fix: woocommerce checkout hide field based on product id rebuilt
  • Fix: woocommerce checkout hide field based on product category rebuilt


  • Fix: woocommerce checkout remove field based on categories


  • Fix: Undefined variable: custom_fields
  • Fix: woocommerce checkout country required when is removed
  • Fix: woocommerce checkout additional fields required notice duplicated


  • Fix: woocommerce checkout address fields priority


  • Fix: woocommerce checkout multiple options
  • Fix: woocommerce checkout roles dependency


  • Fix: woocommerce checkout beta admin panel removed


  • Fix: woocommerce checkout address 2 field required/optional
  • Fix: woocommerce checkout address removed required alert


  • Fix: woocommerce checkout css


  • Fix: woocommerce checkout address field required/optional
  • Fix: woocommerce checkout state, postcode position
  • Fix: woocommerce checkout fields clearfix


  • Fix: woocommerce fields options missing for new installs


  • Improvement: woocommerce order upload rebuilt
  • Improvement: woocommerce checkout upload rebuilt
  • Improvement: woocommerce order admin upload rebuilt
  • Improvement: woocommerce register fields rebuilt
  • Improvement: woocommerce register fields rebuilt
  • Fix: woocommerce checkout additional fields required


  • New: Settings and support action links


  • Notice: Plugin ownership change
  • Fix: Admin redirect after options reset


  • Fixed: Security issue where Categorize Uploaded Files is selected
  • Changed: Disabled Categorize Uploaded Files feature
  • Added: Plugin Upgrade notice for this release
  • Fixed: File picker not working for Additional Checkout section
  • Added: Nonce support for file picker fields


  • Fixed: PHP 7.3 warning for incorrect use of continue (thanks @ceyar)
  • Changed: Adjusted some Admin styling to the WordPress Admin default


  • Fixed: Updated required field to match WooCommerce 3.5+ (thanks @sirachote)


  • Fixed: Checkout field sorting issue in WC 3.5.1 onwards (thanks all)


  • Changed: Hide translation notice in error log
  • Changed: Removed excess characters from required field notice
  • Changed: Cleaned up the code across the Plugin


  • Fixed: Missing Checkout fields from WooCheckout screen (thanks Laura)
  • Changed: Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.4
  • Fixed: Enable 24 hour time option not saving on WooCheckout screen


  • Fixed: PHP warning on Checkout screen (thanks @chefpanda123)


  • Fixed: Billing State and Shipping State required validation
  • Fixed: Display required state for Billing Address 2 and Shipping Address 2 (thanks James)


  • Fixed: Styling placement of Reset, Import and Save Changes buttons


  • Changed: Removed Export menu until exports are fixed
  • Fixed: Uploaded files notification e-mail not working (thanks John)
  • Changed: Using wc_mail() instead of wp_mail() for e-mail generation


  • Fixed: Undefined notice in e-mail template (thanks Vitor)


  • Fixed: Replace 1 with Yes, 0 with No for checkbox default values (thanks @james-roberts)


  • Fixed: Check for get_shipping_method and get_payment_method_title methods (thanks jobsludo)


  • Changed: Removed wooccm_admin_updater_notice()
  • Changed: Using WC localisation for ‘%s is a required field.’

  • Fixed: Incorrectly calling Order ID in admin.php (thanks Anik)


  • Fixed: WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility using $order->id
  • Changed: Cleaned up the code across the Plugin

  • Fixed: WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility in wooccm_add_payment_method_to_new_order()


  • Fixed: Show required indicator for Billing/Shipping Address 2
  • Changed: Cleaned up the code across the Plugin


  • Fixed: PHP 7.1 compatibility on Checkout fields (thanks Marcelo)
  • Added: Hover text to disabled Abbreviation fields (thanks @flaviomsantos)


  • Fixed: Checkbox label not matching (thanks Laura)
  • Fixed: City not updating shipping prices (thanks Alon)


  • Added: ID to custom fields on Edit Order screen
  • Added: Hover state to custom fields on Edit Order screen
  • Fixed: Shipping Methods not updating at Checkout


  • Fixed: PHP notice on Checkout screen
  • Added: WordPress Action to override DatePicker Options
  • Changed: Check for farbtastic on ColorPicker
  • Added: Modal prompt on deleting Checkout field
  • Added: Hover labels for WooCheckout fields
  • Fixed: Checkout issue with Multi-Checkbox Type


  • Changed: Wide is now the default Position for new custom Checkout fields
  • Fixed: Multi-checkbox showing reversed on Checkout screen


  • Fixed: Billing fields not showing in Edit Order screen
  • Fixed: Additional checkbox required state not working
  • Fixed: Billing checkbox required state not working
  • Fixed: Shipping checkbox required state not working


  • Fixed: Notice unable to be dismissed outside WooCheckout screen
  • Fixed: Only dismiss notices to Users with manage_options User Capability
  • Fixed: Only show Administrator Actions to Users with manage_options User Capability


  • Fixed: Required field message for non-required fields at Checkout
  • Added: Delete WCM WordPress Options to Advanced tab
  • Added: Delete WCM Orders Post meta to Advanced tab
  • Added: Delete WCM Users meta to Advanced tab
  • Added: Confirmation prompt to Advanced tab links
  • Changed: Hide empty File uploader fields on Edit Order screen
  • Added: Force show Billing fields to Switches tab
  • Changed: Took out all !important CSS references
  • Fixed: Line-breaks being stripped from Text Area fields
  • Changed: Default rows for textarea field is 5
  • Changed: Default columns for textarea field is 25
  • Added: wooccm_checkout_field_texarea_rows Filter for overriding default textarea field rows
  • Added: wooccm_checkout_field_texarea_columns Filter for overriding default textarea field rows
  • Changed: WooCheckout screen now using template files
  • Changed: Center Position label to Full-width


  • Changed: Notice references to WooCommerce Checkout Fields Manager
  • Fixed: Broken JavaScript on Checkout page (thanks mandelkind)
  • Fixed: Checking for array variables before loading them
  • Added: WordPress Filters to override DatePicker and TimePicker (thanks freddes51)
  • Added: Additional fields appear under General Details on the Edit Order screen
  • Fixed: Image editor on Checkout page when logged-in as Administrator
  • Changed: Handler tab to Order Notes on WooCheckout screen
  • Added: Advanced tab to WooCheckout screen
  • Fixed: Heading type breaking the table on the Order Received screen


  • Fixed: PHP warning notices on Checkout page (thanks sfowles)
  • Fixed: PHP warning on Export screen
  • Changed: Cleaned up the Import dialog
  • Fixed: jQuery error on Billing file upload field
  • Fixed: Add Order Files on Edit Order screen uploader
  • Fixed: References to hard coded Plugin directory
  • Fixed: References to hard coded Pro Plugin directory


  • Changed: Change of Plugin ownership from Emark to visser
  • Changed: Removed registration key engine
  • Fixed: WooCheckout Admin menu entries
  • Fixed: PHP warning on WooCheckout screen
  • Changed: Data update required notice for 4.0+ upgrade
  • Added: Modal prompt on data update notice
  • Changed: Heading placement on Setting and Export screen
  • Changed: Order of Sections on Export screen
  • Added: Modal prompt on reset button
  • Fixed: Sanitize all $_GET and $_POST data


  • Validation Error Fixed.
  • Fix minor security issues
  • Export Options fixed
  • Minor data display fixed
  • User roles bug fix.
  • Restrict display of fields by user roles.
  • Restriction added — File Types, Max number of Uploads, Upload for order status
  • Hidden toggler and Conditional conflict fixed.
  • Offset fixed.
  • File Upload bug fixed.
  • Color Picker Update
  • File Picker added
  • Field filter fixes
  • Checkbox fixes.
  • Storage fixes.
  • Checkbox Toggler deprecated — Use Option Toggler for checkbox vlaues
  • Class function added.
  • Checkbox & Conditional in both Billing and Shipping Fixed.
  • License GUI fix.
  • Conditional Biling fix #1.
  • Required fix shipping #1
  • Retain fields fix 1.
  • GUI upgrade.
  • Conditional required fix.
  • important update! — Required fix 3.
  • Remove duplicates in shipping column.
  • important update! — Required fix 2.
  • Required fields, revert back.
  • Billing, Shipping Required fix.
  • Hide field from product, fix.
  • Reset option fix.
  • Major Updates fix2.
  • Major Updates fix.
  • Sort by Field Name
  • GUI fix.
  • Copy suffix, fix.
  • Included sort feature.
  • Extra Export feature included.
  • WooCommerce built in export compatible.
  • Export fix.
  • Radio button name changed.
  • Session limiter on cart page fixed.
  • Tax remove fixed.
  • Retain fields fixed.
  • Add amount fixed.
  • Select options translation fixed.
  • Order Details page fix 1.
  • Required fields fix 1.
  • Fields Display on e-mail.
  • Translation in notices fixed.
  • Backend fields display fixed.
  • Create field limit fixed.
  • Text/ Html Swapper fix.
  • Fields disappears on update, fixed.
  • Javascript error fixed.
  • 7 field creation expanded and fixed.
  • Export functions fixed.
  • Upgrade notice fix.
  • Minor bug fix.
  • Fixes empty array errors.
  • Make all fields required.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Add new fields to the billing fields.
  • Add new fields to the shipping fields.
  • Fields show in Account Page.
  • Select Options fixed + Required fields fixed.
  • Compatible with WP 4.1
  • Update of debug mode errors
  • Errors fixed for debug mode.
  • Fee function fixed.
  • Upload bug fix. License check fix.
  • Hide field bug fix.
  • Multi-Checkbox included.
  • Bug fix for uploading files back-end.
  • Positioning + Clear added for billing and shipping section.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Datepicker languages added.
  • Admin language switch added.
  • WPML bug fixed.
  • Bug fix in Show & Hide Field Function
  • More function added for hiding of fields
  • Conditional Bug fix.
  • Compatibility with 2.1.7 WooCommerce && WPML
  • Checkout compatibility
  • minor bug fix.
  • Minor bug fixes, GUI upgrade.
  • Two new field types included.
  • Import/ Export added fields data.
  • Fields label can accept html characters.
  • Unlimited Select Options and Radio Buttons
  • Bug Fix: Automatic update fix & DatePicker
  • Bug Fix: Conditional Logic


Add Error Fix 2.
GUI upgrade.


Add Error Fix.
Add WooCommerce Order/Customer CSV Export support
Able to Change additional information header


GUI + Code clean up.
Multi-lang Save issue fix.


WPML bug fixes 4


WPML bug fixes 3


WPML bug fix 2 (translation for e-mails)


WPML bug fix


Compatibility with 2.1.7 WooCommerce && WPML


Bug fixes.


Bug fix.


Bulgarian language by Ivo Minchev


Bug fix.


Bug fix.


Included translations — Vietnamse, Italian, European Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese
Layout fixed on Order Summary Page


Translations updated


Added feature.


bug fix- force selection for option and minor fix.


updating to standard.


Select option and checkbox functions, included.


Select date function, included.


bug fixed.


fields positioning, fixed.


code review


исправление ошибок


Javascript fix and rename fields inserted


Bug fixes


Bug fixes


required attribute bug fix and included translations


remove fields for shipping


Added features for shipping


Localization Ready


Дополнительные возможности


исправление ошибок


Checkout process fix


Custom fields data are added to the receipt


add/remove required field for each new fields


more bugs fixed


some bugs fixed


More features added.


bug fix!


Added required attribute removal