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WooCommerce Multiple Free Gift


Gift giving is one of the best ways for marketing. This way creates good vibes and your customers will come back more often.

WooCommerce Multiple Free Gift Plugin is a WordPress WooCommerce plugin that makes gift management easy for your woocommerce site. The plugin helps you offer free products or gifts to your customer when they purchase products at your store. WooCommerce Multiple Free Gift plugin — gives you an edge by allowing you to write your own gift conditions which gives you great control on how you want to provide gifts to your customer.

– All features of basic version.
– Write your own rules.
– Rule can be from very simple to highly complex.
– You can write multiple fallback condition for gifts.
– If condition A isn’t fulfilled the plugin will check for next condition and so on.
— Automatic gift addition.
— Multiple themes.
— Option to exclude sales and tax amount from calculation.
– Access to more advance features and future updates for free.

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WooCommerce Multiple Free Gift Plugin enables the option to provide gifts to your customer. Gift Giving is one of the best ways for marketing. This way creates good vibes and your Customers will come back more often. With WooCommerce Multiple Free Gift Plugin you can provide gifts to your customer based on single or multiple products.


  1. Gift based on single or particular product
    • Provide gift when only one item is added to the cart.
    • BOGO (Buy one get one)
    • Buy X get Y free
    • Buy X get many free gifts (Y,Z…free)
  2. Choose number of gifts allowed
    • Allow 1 or N number of gifts without any problem.
  3. Gift Criteria
    • Allow gifts based on total items in cart and total cart price.
    • Purchase over X USD get X free
    • Purchase over X USD get many free gifts (X, Y… free)
    • Purchase N number of items get X free
    • Purchase N number of items get many free gifts (X, Y… free)
  4. Global gifts
    • Give gift for anything added in the cart.
  5. Custom promotion message
  6. Customization and translation ready
  7. Loco translate compatible
  8. Aelia Currency Converter compatible
  9. Tested with over half million products

How it works?
1. After successful plugin activation go to Woo Free Gift settings page or product edit page.
2. If you are in Woo Free Gift page, go to gift criteria first to add your condition, in main settings enable free gift and choose number of gifts allowed and gifts to show.
3. If you are in product edit page, scroll down to products data section and go to Free Gift Options tab.
4. You can enable free gift for a particular product from this page. Enable free gift and choose number of gifts allowed and gifts to show.
5. Save.
6. At frontend, add some products and go to cart page. You will notice a popup with gift products to add.

Want more? Watch the demo of PRO version


  • Gift criteria
  • Global gift page.
  • Single gift page.
  • General settings page.
  • Gifts shown in frontend.


  1. Unzip and upload the woocommerce-multiple-free-gift-plugin directory to the plugin directory (/wp-content/plugins/) or install it from Plugins->Add New->Upload.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. That’s all you need to do. You will notice Woo Free Gift settings page in the admin.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

1. How many gifts can I add?

You can add as many gifts as you want. There is no limit to this.

2. How many gifts are allowed to select?

You can define how many gifts you want to allow users to select from admin settings page. Users are allowed to select 1 gift by default.

3. Can I provide gifts based on total quantity or price?

Yes, you can provide gifts based on total quantity or price. PRO version allows you to write your own rules. Rules can be very simple to highly complex.


This plugin has no real support. It has potential, but no responses, and no info or working homepage.
The plugin works fine with me. I was able to fix the bug including the endless product variation creation every time the product is added as a freegift
I really wanted to give this five stars. This app is perfect for me, except that it has pop-ups, so I can't use it. The pop-ups are blocked by Adblock plus. Can you add an option to automatically enter a free item into a cart? Or maybe redirect to a page offering multiple options? Thanks.
This plugin will create a product variation each time a customer add a gift to the cart, this will fill your database with garbage and slow down your site. When I found out I already had 3000+ garbage product variations in my database.
Plugin is broken, developer is non responsive. You will NOT GET A REFUND for wasting your money on this BROKE @#%$.
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Журнал изменений


  • Fix wcv3 gift loop issue (Fixes #22)
  • Fix downloadable product metadata issue
  • Some code formatting and minor fixes


  • Remove one-item restriction. (PR #21, thanks to David Marín)
  • Support bundles plugin. (PR #21, thanks to David Marín)
  • Checks cart items, emitting an error notice if gift criteria is not met. (PR #20, thanks to David Marín)
  • Various cleanups and refactoring


  • Fix virtual product issue.


  • Fix pop up design issue in mobile device.


  • Respect existing products marked with «Sold individually», so it is not possible to add multiple items of those products. PR #16
  • Remove deprecated add_object_page.
  • Fix message box design.


  • Now works with large number of products (fixes issue #1).
  • Tested with over half million products.
  • Compatible with Aelia Currency Switcher plugin (thanks to Diego Zanella).
  • Remove the evil eval.
  • Brazilian Portugese translation (thanks to Paula Bambino).
  • Design improvements.
  • Special thanks to Cory Jeffries for his contributions.


  • Fix issue with remove gift button on first use
  • Fix plugin text domain issue
  • Enhancement: Loco translate compatible
  • Fix info message design when no product is present


  • Gift criteria based on total quantity and price.


  • Первая версия.