WooCommerce PayFast Gateway


The PayFast extension for WooCommerce enables you to accept payments including Subscriptions, Deposits & Pre-Orders via one of South Africa’s most popular payment gateways.

Why choose PayFast?

PayFast gives your customers more flexibility including putting down deposits, ordering ahead of time or paying on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Does this require a PayFast merchant account?

Yes! A PayFast merchant account, merchant key and merchant ID are required for this gateway to function.

Does this require an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is recommended for additional safety and security for your customers.

Where can I find documentation?

For help setting up and configuring, please refer to our user guide

Where can I get support or talk to other users?

If you get stuck, you can ask for help in the Plugin Forum.


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Журнал изменений

1.4.23 — 2022-07-05

  • Add — Allow setup PayFast during onboarding.
  • Add — Added support for customer subscription payment method change.

1.4.22 — 2022-05-12

  • Tweak — WP tested up to 6.0

1.4.21 — 2022-05-03

  • Tweak — Bump tested up to WordPress version 5.9.

1.4.20 — 2022-01-18

  • Fix — Status toggle button not working as expected

1.4.19 — 2021-05-04

  • Add — support for the Cart and Checkout blocks included
  • Fix — Error notice from direct access to the order id property.

1.4.18 — 2021-02-04

  • Add fees to order
  • Add signature to the request to PayFast
  • Tweak — WC 4.9.2 compatibility.
  • Tweak — WP 5.6 compatibility.

1.4.17 — 2020-11-25

  • Fix — Fix Object could not be converted to string when renewing a subscription.
  • Tweak — WC tested up to 4.7
  • Tweak — WP tested up to 5.6
  • Tweak — PHP 8.0 compatibility.

1.4.15 — 2020-03-30

  • Tweak — WC tested up to 4.0
  • Tweak — WP tested up to 5.4

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